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Business interests behind protests in Yekaterinburg

Summary of Disinformation

The protests against the construction of an Orthodox church in Yekaterinburg follow the same pattern as the Maidan movement in Ukraine. What is described as “popular protests” and the “voice of the people,” is nothing but the voice of the big business. The protests have nothing to do with the protection of ecology and the protection of democratic freedoms in Russia: pure commerce, nothing personal.


Conspiracy theory without any evidence. A recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative, describing non-governmental organisations as a tool of industry and foreign intervention. Similar cases here and here.

For more information about protests in Yekaterinburg, see here and here.

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Reported in: Issue 152
Date: 24.05.2019
Language: English
Country: Russia
Keywords: Protest, NGO, Orthodox Church, Euromaidan
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: South Front
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