Disinfo: By arming Ukrainians, the West is triggering a conflict with Russia


By arming Ukrainians and sending them to the border with Russia, the West is not preventing the conflict but increasing its probability a hundredfold. Sooner or later, the weapons handed over by the “partners” will start firing, and this fact can activate a mechanism that will provoke a quick and inevitable collapse of Ukraine with a complete loss of not only independence but also statehood.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about war in Ukraine and the escalation at the Ukraine-Russia border.

As of the beginning of 2022 Russia has amassed over 100,000 troops and equipment on the borders of Ukraine including in the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula.

Russia’s most recent military build-up at the Ukrainian border also includes preparations for military drills in Belarus, to be conducted just 18 km from the Ukrainian border.

Besides supporting Ukraine on the diplomatic front, the US, UK, the Baltic States, and others provided Ukraine with defensive weapons (such as anti-armour and antiaircraft missiles, patrol boats, artillery ammunition, field hospital equipment, means of personal protection) that would protect the civilian population in case of possible Russian military invasion. By supporting Ukraine amidst the current security crisis, the Western partners help Ukraine to defend its independence and statehood, not to undermine it.

Read our recent article outlining seven pro-Kremlin myths about the current Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In addition, see similar disinformation cases alleging that Ukraine is a tool of Western countries against Russia; the UK wants to provoke a war between Ukraine and Russia in order to harm Europe; or that the US plans to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.


  • Reported in: Issue 271
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 31/01/2022
  • Article language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Ukraine, Russia
  • Keywords: War in Ukraine, Ukrainian statehood, Eastern Ukraine, NATO, Donbas, West
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Disinfo: Ukraine uses videos of gay couples to improve their fighting spirit

Videos circulating around show Ukraine wants to strengthen the fighting spirit using gay couples. It is surprising. If they [Ukraine] want to win the war with such videos, may God help them.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation about the war in Ukraine attempting to denigrate the Armed Forces of Ukraine but playing with a sensitive topic. The claim is part of an ongoing disinformation campaign about Russia’s military buildup on the border with Ukraine.

The claim is false. The anchor of the pro-Kremlin TV channel aired an altered video allegedly depicting a young Ukrainian gay soldier returning home and proposing to his boyfriend and commented that Ukraine wants to increase the fighting spirit using such videos.

Disinfo: Anglo-Saxons want to involve Ukraine in a war against Slavs

The Western countries want to involve Ukraine in a bloody war against Russia. Anglo-Saxons systemically set upon Slavs. The puppet government in Kyiv supports this plan.


A recurring narrative about the Western powers pushing for war in Ukraine while presenting Kyiv as a puppet of Anglo-Saxons.

The West has no interest in the war between Ukraine and Russia. On the other hand, the war in Ukraine is an ongoing conflict. It is a well-documented act of aggression by Russian armed forces, ongoing since February 2014. There is irrefutable evidence of direct Russian military involvement in Eastern Ukraine, in the Donbas. Russia is supporting its proxies with weapons, its active-duty soldiers serve there and its top military commanders visit the war zone to coordinate joint efforts with the separatists. Despite all this Russia officially denies its military presence in Donbas.

Disinfo: NATO is not a defensive alliance

NATO lost its defensive character after the end of the Cold War. Moreover, NATO can hardly be called a defence alliance, given its operations in Yugoslavia, Libya, and Afghanistan.


This is part of a recurring Pro-Kremlin disinformation claim that NATO is aggressive. Contrary to the claim, NATO is indeed a defensive alliance, whose purpose is to protect its member states. NATO's exercises and military deployments are not directed against Russia – or any other country.

The former Yugoslavia did not break up because of NATO. The Alliance did not use military force to change borders in the former Yugoslavia. From 1992 to 1995, NATO conducted several military operations in Bosnia, including enforcing a no-fly zone and providing air support for UN peacekeepers. These activities were mandated by the United Nations Security Council, of which Russia is a member too.