Disinfo: Carl Bildt: Orthodoxy is the main enemy of the West


[Former] Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, who was quite an influential political figure then, stated bluntly that Orthodoxy was the key challenge facing western civilisation, because it regulated family relations and did not recognise the rights of sexual minorities.


Recurring disinformation narrative about a presumed Carl Bildt statement on orthodoxy.

The fake quote first emerged in 2014, when the Metropolitan of Montenegro, Amfilohije Radović, while addressing a religious ceremony, attributed the following words to Carl Bildt: “The biggest mistake of Putin was his return to Orthodoxy, which is worse than Islamic terrorism." On May 14, 2014, Carl Bildt tweeted, stating that the quote attributed to him was “a complete fake, propaganda from somewhere.”

Interpretations of Carl Bildt’s quotes were actively spread by Russian media outlets, including Russian news agency ИА РЕХ, which released an article on May 5, 2014 headlined “Orthodoxy is the main threat facing western civilisation.” The same quote was also spread on the websites pravoslavie.ru and pikabu.ru. 

The fake quote was also spread by pro-Russian actors in Georgia five years ago. News agency Sakinformi released a material in 2014 involving Carl Bildt’s fake quote. During the same year, the fake quote triggered reactions from politicians. In particular, Gigla Baramidze of the coalition Burjanadze – United Opposition expressed concerns over Bildt’s quote, calling it irresponsible.


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  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 06/11/2019
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British warship Richmond threatened Russian navy

In 2017, the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov was on its way to Syria accompanied by battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy. During this trip, British warship HMS Richmond openly and impudently tried to take a place in the column of Russian aircraft carriers driven by its “banal curiosity.” Ultimately, the Russian warship crossed Richmond’s route, prompting the British warship to retreat. This is yet another example of “Battle of Russian and NATO Navies.”


This is an example of a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about NATO countries' aggression towards Russia.

The footage is from 2017, revived by News Front Georgia to portray the advantage of Russia's navy over that of NATO countries'.

Russia is a peaceful country that returned captured warships to Ukraine

Russia returned Ukrainian warships captured off the coast of Crimea. This was done in order to show that Russia is a peaceful country that is against violence in relations with Ukraine. This is exclusively a gesture of the Kremlin’s goodwill towards Ukraine.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative claiming that Russia is a peaceful country and that there is a civil war in Ukraine, which Moscow has nothing to do with.

This is not Russia's goodwill in action, it is part of the peace process to resolve the situation in Ukraine, which became possible after Ukraine consented to the withdrawal of troops in the Donbas. Russia was under international pressured to return the ships to Ukraine, including from the EU. At a meeting in Hamburg on 25 May 2019, the United Nations International Court of the Law of the Sea ordered Russia to immediately release 24 captured Ukrainian sailors, as well as return the Berdyansk, Nikopol, and Yany-Kapu warships to Ukraine. The court agreed with the position of Ukraine that the passage of ships through the Kerch Strait in November 2018 was a security operation to patrol the borders.

French authorities set up violence at peaceful Yellow Vests’ anniversary rally

The strategy of order enforcement chosen by the prefect of Paris has been highly criticised. He wanted the Yellow Vests’ demonstration to start at Place d’Italie, an area under construction which contains construction equipment, often thrown by the thugs and who, surprisingly, were there since the early morning.

Controversy is also growing over a video clearly showing “two people framing a third man, all dressed in black, who were behind the line of CRS [riot police] who let them pass whilst repeating: ‘This is the BAC, it is the BAC [branch of the criminal police in France]’,” as noted by Liberation’s CheckNews. That led to accusations about police infiltrators within the thugs.

All this was wanted by the government only to destroy the anniversary of Yellow Vests. It’s worse than a fracture. It serves the dictatorship that is being put in place.


Biased conspiracy theory coverage of the Yellow Vests' one year anniversary protests in Paris. Speaking about the video proving the presence of law enforcers in civilian clothes among protesters (assumed by the French police itself), the article quotes the French newspaper Liberation and its CheckNews service. The video is supposed to "feed the accusations" that the police infiltrated the thugs. In reality, Liberation states the contrary, debunking those accusations. This is what Libération actually writes:

"It should be noted that beyond the infiltration of police for intelligence missions and arrests, commentators also accuse police officers of infiltrating the rallies only to organise violence and to help to destroy the image of the movement in public opinion. This is particularly the case of the yellow vest François Boulo, who claims to have seen disguised policemen turning over a car, and he goes to imagine that 'police-thugs' were able to degrade the stele of Marshal Juin. No elements in CheckNews' possession support such accusations."

No evidence is given to support other claims that the Paris city hall conspired to tarnish the Yellow Vests' anniversary.

It is worth recalling that the Yellow Vests presented their candidates' list for the European Parliament elections in 2019, which would be impossible under a dictatorship. According to Freedom House, the French political system features vibrant democratic processes and generally strong protections for civil liberties and political rights.