Disinfo: China is victim of propaganda as it saved its economy and the lives of its citizens


China is a communist country, that is why it is a victim of propaganda in the West on the Uyghurs’ issue and its alleged imperialism.

But reality is different, thanks to communism, China saved its economy. It is the only industrial country to have a positive growth in 2020 (+ 1.8% according to the previsions of the OECD). At the same time, it coped very well with the health crisis and didn’t let its elderly die from coronavirus.

The West did the exact opposite, not only did it let the old people die but it also suffers an unprecedented recession.

But instead of realising that communism is the only solution, Western countries increase the anti-Chinese propaganda that only an abominable regime is capable of such a performance.


Recurrent disinformation narrative alleging that authoritarian regimes are better at coping with coronavirus pandemic, than democracies.

It is too early to assess the impact on the economy or health of both the health and economic crises as they are still ongoing. In any case, comparisons of the health system should be made with comparable populations, who have experienced similar infections and have a similar immunity. The John Hopkins coronavirus resource centre offers a world synthesis of cases around the world. Of course, statistics are reported very differently from country to country making the comparison questionable but if China was compared with other Asian Countries, the number of cases per country are as follows according to statistics from early October 2020:

  • 90 830 - China
  • 89 674 - Japan
  • 57 880 -  Singapore
  • 24 805 - South Korea
  • 16 220 - Malaysia
  • 529 - Taiwan

The communist economic system is not necessarily the explanation for good sanitary crisis management. Experience in fighting infectious diseases offers a more convincing explanation. Moreover, in the early stages of the epidemics the repression against medical whistleblowers in China increased the risks of a pandemic.

On the economic side, Chinese superiority is not proved either even for RT's economists: public spending is not always well used, the environmental consequences are high as is the cost for individual freedoms.

It is probably to early to tell, but the fact that the other succesfull countries in fighting Covid mentioned above, seems to indicate that economic consequences of Covid are a function of the success in repressing the epidemic: countries that have managed to protect their population’s health in the pandemic have generally also protected their economy too.

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  • Reported in: Issue 215
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 07/10/2020
  • Language/target audience: French
  • Country: China, US
  • Keywords: coronavirus, health, economy, Capitalists, Economic difficulties


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Ukraine buried the main waterway of Crimea – the North Crimean Canal

Ukraine buried the main water source of Crimea – the North Crimean Canal. The North Crimean Canal is completely destroyed. The Ukrainian government has buried entire branches of the national economy, dooming millions of people to a miserable existence. The North Crimean Canal, which previously supplied the Crimea with water and was actually the main water artery of the peninsula, was dehydrated and destroyed. After the Ukrainian authorities, together with the radicals, cut off the water on the peninsula, the canal was abandoned, it simply dried up.


A recurring Kremlin narrative about the "destruction by Ukraine", in this case referring to the North Crimean Canal that supplied the Dnipro water to Crimea before the Russian annexation.

The claim that a part of the North Crimean Canal (NCC), which is located in mainland Ukraine, is in "disrepair" due to the blockage of water after the Russian occupation of Crimea does not correspond to reality. The capacities of the water conduit in the Kherson region, which borders the Crimea, are periodically inspected, and also used for their intended purpose by the local population. For example, in March of this year, the Dnieper began to fill the channel of the North-Crimean Canal. In April, the channel of the NCC in the Kherson region was filled up to working levels for irrigation of agricultural lands.

Conflicts in post-Soviet space are part of the policy of containment of Russia

The appearance of all these conflicts at the same time seems coincidental. But not so – the very fact of their appearance shows they are part of the policy of containment of Russia, through destabilising the countries which are part of the Russia-centric processes. 


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative alleging the West has an anti-Russian policy and claiming that popular unrests in post-Soviet space are colour revolutions directed against Russia.

The recent wave of protests in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan  are a result of popular discontent with the results of elections the people claim were neither free nor fair. There is no evidence that these events are an attempt to "destabilise the situation in post-Soviet space" or to "contain Russia".

Western vaccine manufacturers rely on experimental and untested technologies, which delay efforts to combat coronavirus

Western vaccine manufacturers rely on experimental, little-studied and untested over the long-term technologies in the development of the coronavirus vaccine. This leads to obstacles during their clinical trials, which delays the introduction of drugs in public circulation and negatively affects the efforts to combat the coronavirus.


This narrative is part of the on-going pro-Kremlin disinformation on coronavirus aiming to promote the Sputnik V vaccine and present Russia as a 'leader in the COVID-19 management'.

The claim implies that the West relies on "experimental technologies", while Sputnik V uses live human adenovirus, which has been proven safe over decades of studies. This assertion is false since WHO's database registers at least 11 other vaccines that use similar technology. Moreover, the potential effectiveness of human adenovirus-based vaccines remains a matter of debate.