Disinfo: CIA was behind events in Vilnius in January 1991


Behind the events in Vilnius in 1991 was the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). CIA taught and armed Lithuanian nationalists.

The group of CIA agents arrived in Vilnius at the end of 1990. The heads of the group were Andrew Eiva and Leonard Hof.

In 1991 Andrew Eiva armed people who were ready to defend the building of Supreme Council of Lithuania. He asked to equip defenders with guns, explosives and Molotov’s cocktails. Andrew Eiva organised explosions in homes and places of dislocation of the Soviet troops. He was head of the rebels who struggled with the Soviet forces.

To events in Vilnius also was linked “father of colour revolutions” Professor Gene Sharp.


The claim advances a recurring claim that behind the events of January 13, 1991, in Vilnius stood the US. The Lithuanian struggle for independence from the Soviet Union is presented as the first “colour revolution”.

This is part of the broad disinformation campaign linked to the commemoration of events when thirty years ago thousands of Lithuanians gathered at the TV tower, the Radio and Television headquarters and the Parliament building in the capital, Vilnius, to take a stand against Soviet troops deployed to crush Lithuanian independence. During events of January 13, 1991, Soviet troops still garrisoned in the capital Vilnius, attacked its TV broadcast tower and sole TV station, killing civilians standing as human shields there. The events of January 13, 1991, and the offences committed by the USSR troops have been extensively documented. See also BBC reporting from 1991.

Andrew Eiva is a real person. He is a former member of “Green Berets” of the US army. Andrew Eiva helped to organise the defence of the building of Supreme Council of Lithuania. At the beginning of 90s, he arrived in Lithuania by his own initiative because he has Lithuanian roots, his grandfather was Kazimieras Ladyga, Lithuanian general in the interwar period. All these facts are well-known and not a secret in Lithuania.

Gene Sharp was a well-known scientist, ideolog of non-violent protest. In the obituary (Sharp died in 2018) “The New York Times” called him “father of peaceful resistance”. Lithuanian peoples' resistance was also peaceful and non-violent, but there is no basis to claim that orchestrated by or linked to Gene Sharp.

See more information about the disinformation campaign linked to January 13 events in the publication 30 years of “colour revolution”.


  • Reported in: Issue 227
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 14/01/2021
  • Language/target audience: Lithuanian
  • Country: USSR, Lithuania, US
  • Keywords: January 13, Historical revisionism, Colour revolutions, Conspiracy theory


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The Zionist élite allowed thousands of normal and honest Jews to die during WWII

Zionists are snakes and scorpions but at the same time they pursue their own interests, their goal is profit and money-making. The Zionist élite allowed thousands of normal and honest Jews to die during WWII. It sold its own relatives for economic gain.


The article repeats anti-Semitic disinformation narratives that have been spread by some pro-Kremlin media outlets. Its suggestion that the “Zionist élite” was complicit in the mass murder of Jews by the Nazi regime is a completely baseless anti-Semitic narrative.

Anti-semitic myths were systematically spread by the Soviet regime both at home and abroad during the Cold War. Among the campaign’s centrepieces were the claim of alleged Zionist-Nazi collaboration during World War II and the alleged collusion of the “Zionist élite” in the mass murder of European Jews by the Nazis. These disinformation themes continue to be relayed by parts of the pro-Kremlin ecosystem today; see here and here for EUvsDisinfo analyses of the spread of anti-Semitic myths by pro-Kremlin outlets.

Western élites govern their nations by polarizing society and spreading solitude

Western élites sell their services to international financiers. These élites govern their nations by deliberately polarizing society, inducing hatred and aggression among people, disintegrating and atomising communities, spreading mass alienation and solitude. Western élites strive to keep people isolated from each other and to make them feel impotent in the face of capital and of the tyranny of so-called democracy.


Conspiracy theory. The article provides no evidence to support its claims. The article repeats a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative that seeks to discredit liberal democracies claiming that the latter are in reality totalitarian systems ruled by “globalist elites” and “shadow governments” that subjugate and manipulate the masses by disintegrating communities, deepening societal divisions, and keeping people isolated from each other, lonely and alienated.

The article’s message about the alleged subservience of Western élites to “international financiers” is also consistent with recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about all-powerful global élites or secret élites ruling the world and controlling leaders.

The pandemic is a plan for dividing the world

The pandemic will turn into the fact that major players on the world stage begin to divide the world. The pandemic from a purely medical problem has become not just an economic problem, but already a geopolitical one. It was to be expected, it was never a medical problem.


This is a recurring conspiracy theory about the coronavirus pandemic and one of the common pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about a Deep State or global elites secretly ruling the world, in this case taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to divide the world.

This is part of the ongoing pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign on the coronavirus, well documented by both media and governments. Elements of this campaign were widely reported by Russian and international publications, and by the European External Action Service.