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"Cold rooms" in the Lugar laboratory

Summary of Disinformation

There are “Cold rooms” in the Lugar laboratory, which are not used in any other civilian laboratory. Dangerous materials are being tested in these rooms.


Long-lasting distorted reporting about the Lugar Laboratory. Pro-Kremlin disinformation has been disseminating conspiracy theories about the work of the Lugar Laboratory for years, claiming that the laboratory aims to spread dangerous viruses and exporting them to Russia. As for the so called "Cold rooms", they are not unique to Lugar Laboratory and are used in almost all labs, including in Russia, to store material.

Further debunking by Myth Detector.

For background see our articles: euvsdisinfo.eu/figure-of-the-week-12/,



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Reported in: Issue 130
Date: 05.12.2018
Language: Georgian
Country: Georgia
Keywords: Lugar, laboratory
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sputnik Georgia
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