Disinfo: Coronavirus was invented by the Rockefellers and the Rome club


Oddly enough, the routes of the new coronavirus were publicly disclosed in the 2010 article by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Business Network titled, Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. The goals of the Rockefeller Foundation include tax optimisation for the Rockefeller clan, birth control, reduction of the global population to one billion people, and de-industrialisation. These tasks were defined by the Rome club, established in 1968 with the aim of establishing a global government. One of scenarios in the mentioned articles entitled Lock Step describes a global pandemic started out of a mutation passed from wild geese and mostly targeting young people. A risky scenario is poised to lead the world to the slavery system governed by a small group of people. Once signs of the upcoming global financial crisis showed late in 2019, they could not wait and began operation Lock Step, or Covid-19.


An unfounded conspiracy theory concerning the coronavirus outbreak, sharing a recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative about "secret elites" controlling the global development. The elaboration of an emergency scenarios does not imply mastering them.

See similar pro-Kremlin conspiracy cases, alleging that the coronavirus originated in a laboratory sponsored by George Soros, that the decision to go ahead with the coronavirus pandemic was taken at the Davos Forum by the Rothschilds and the Gates, that the coronavirus is a pretext for the Global Elites’ ambitions to reduce world population, and the conspiracy master David Rockefeller created the “Global Warming” hoax.


  • Reported in: Issue 191
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 21/03/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: US
  • Keywords: coronavirus, Deep state, Conspiracy theory


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Latvian and Ukrainian nations degrade, invent anti-Russian rhetorics

Modern Latvia and Ukraine are degraded versions of Latvian and the Ukrainian Soviet republics, with most civilisational and cultural parameters simplified. Aiming to create a new image, Ukraine and Latvia invented a heroic struggle against Russia. An emerging global economic crisis will demonstrate how viable such national ideas are.


This is an attempt to discredit Latvia and Ukraine consistent with the recurring pro-Kremlin propaganda narrative about ubiquitous Russophobia in these countries and beyond. It is also aimed at questioning the Soviet occupation of Latvia and acts of aggression by the Russian armed forces since February 2014.

For background, read our analysis: The “Russophobia” Myth: Appealing to the Lowest Feelings and look at earlier disinformation cases, alleging that Russophobia is the main activity of the Latvian state and that Russophobic Lithuania plans to tear Belarus away from Russia by dragging it into the Western energy network.

Baba Vanga predicted a Russian cure against coronavirus

Activists have found a prophesy of the [Bulgarian sooth-sayer] Vanga, where she talks about an illness, coming from China. Now they have found also a prediction about a medicine against this ailment. According to Vanga, it will be made out of Siberian cedar tree.

The activists that have disclosed this prophesy are convinced that Vanga referred to COVID-19 and that Russian scientists will create a cure against it.


This is part of pro-Kremlin media, spreading systematic disinformation and confusion about the coronavirus. See a similar case about a "prediction" made by Nostradamus here. Global epidemics have spread occasionally in all of human history, with or without the "predictions" of soothsayers.

The spread of suggestions of "miracle cures" might affect the trust in the health care system; people affected by the virus might be referred to medical professionals too late, with potentially tragical outcome.

EU’s health and safety policies failed, EU feels the threat of losing its power

[…] The coronavirus epidemic marks the beginning of an era of crisis for pan-European identity and solidarity. National borders between the EU countries, closed by [state] governments, have become a clear illustration of [the EU’s] inefficiency and its failed health and safety policies. Therefore, all the bureaucratic structures of the EU, as well as political forces oriented towards the globalist agenda, feel a clear threat of losing their power.


This claim exploits the coronavirus pandemic to push a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the EU's alleged imminent collapse. It also aims to pit EU member states against each other in an attempt to undermine European solidarity - another recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation tactic. There is no evidence to support the doomsday claim that the pandemic is resulting in the death or obsolescence of the EU.

To cushion the blow to people’s livelihoods and the economy, the European Commission has adopted a comprehensive economic response to the outbreak, applied the full flexibility of the EU fiscal rules, has revised its State Aid rules and proposed to set up a €37 billion Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative to provide liquidity to small businesses and the health care sector.