Disinfo: A coup is taking place against the Church in Montenegro


A coup is being prepared in Montenegro against the church. Orthodox believers oppose the “Law on Religion Freedom”, whose democratic name hides the illegitimacy of schismatic groups. The new legislation will allow the state to confiscate all possessions of the canonical Serbian Orthodox Church aiming to its subsequent transfer to the unrecognised schismatic Montenegrin Orthodox Church. Despite the rejection of Orthodox believers, authorities insist on adopting the law. The ruling Democratic Party of Socialists is legally involved in its promotion, and its leader Milo Djukanovic who, as Prime Minister, ensured that the US’s will to integrate Montenegro into NATO was enforced.


However unpopular it might be among some social sectors in Montenegro, the adoption of the so-called Law on Freedom of Religion or Belief and the Legal Status of Religious Communities is no “coup”. It was approved by the democratically-elected Montenegrin Parliament by a majority of lawmakers, and it was included in the political programme of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists as part of the promotion of Montenegro’s autonomy.

The new regulation will not allow the confiscation of “every possession” of the Serbian Orthodox Church, as claimed. Under the law, religious communities in the tiny Adriatic state would need to prove property ownership from before 1918, when predominantly Orthodox Christian Montenegro joined the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the predecessor of the now-defunct Yugoslavia. Though this would allow them to seize some, not all, of the properties whose previous ownership can’t be accredited, Montenegrin authorities repeatedly denied allegations that they intend to take any. The reference to NATO is an attempt to increase rejection of Montenegro’s ruling party among pro-Serbian readers.

Russian disinformation on Montenegro is part of the renewed attempts of the Kremlin to influence the country. You can see other examples of these false narratives, such as NATO's efforts to destroy the Orthodox Church in Montenegro, the use of this country as a base to create the Greater Albania, the NATO-led destruction of the Montenegrin army or its accession to the Atlantic Alliance as a plot against Russia.


  • Reported in: Issue 182
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 26/12/2019
  • Language/target audience: Spanish, Castilian
  • Country: Montenegro
  • Keywords: Orthodox Church


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Russia has never participated in the Ukrainian crisis

Russia has never participated in the Ukrainian crisis, nor have there ever been Russian soldiers there.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about the war in eastern Ukraine.

The war in eastern Ukraine was provoked by Russia. The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has stated that “[t]he information available suggests that the situation within the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol amounts to an international armed conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. This international armed conflict began at the latest on 26 February when the Russian Federation deployed members of its armed forces to gain control over parts of the Ukrainian territory without the consent of the Ukrainian Government.”

Europe turns a blind eye towards the oppression of ethnic Russians in Ukraine and the Baltic states

As far as Russia is concerned, the first clear and blatant example of Western double standards is the denial of the rights of Russian citizens who live in the Baltic states, which are members of the European Union. Then came the events of Ukraine, where the Nazi hands – under the slogan “Struggle for Democracy” – launched a coup against the legitimate authority, and since then began their campaigns against Russian citizens, Russian speakers, and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In both cases, Europe turned a blind eye to what was happening, and claimed that everything was fine, and even participated in repression and crimes.



A conspiracy theory based on ungrounded claims aimed to present Russians as victims of a deliberate plot of the West with post-Soviet countries. This is an illustrative example of the recurring pro-Kremlin propagandistic narrative about ubiquitous Russophobia in the West and post-Soviet countries alike. For background, read our analysis The “Russophobia” Myth: Appealing to the Lowest Feelings and look at earlier disinformation cases alleging that Russophobia is the main activity of the Latvian state and that Russophobic Lithuania plans to tear Belarus away from Russia by dragging it into the Western energy network.

This publication also contains pro-Kremlin narratives about Fascist / Nazi Ukraine and the Baltic states, the persecution of the Russian language speakers, and belligerent West waging an ideological war and making plots against Russia. The accusation of Nazism is one of the favourite techniques of pro-Kremlin outlets as explained in our past analysis Nazi east, Nazi west, Nazi over the cuckoo's nest.

EU and NATO view Christianity as a force that needs to be overcome

For the no-less-godless successors of the commissars now ruling most of Europe through the twin bureaucracies of NATO and the European Union, religion – or at least Christianity – remains a retrograde force that needs to be overcome. They are helped by the fact that in western Europe (and increasingly in the United States) consumerism, feminism, LGBT, multiculturalism, and other materialistic post-modern alternatives have proved to be far more corrosive of Christianity than dynamite, bullets, concentration camps, and punitive psychiatric hospitals.


Conspiracy theory; no evidence given. This claim involves the recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative that the West threatens and undermines traditional Christian values. Related cases where the US is accused of attacking traditional values in Europe via "sects" can be found herehere, and here.