Disinfo: COVID-2019 is a pretext for the global oligarchy to take over the word


COVID-2019 is just a pretext for the complete capture of the world by the global oligarchy.

We are talking about the appropriation by 1% of the world population of the habits of the remaining 99%. This is under the pretext of protecting the environment, fear of infections (the origin of which still needs to be figured out), protecting freedom, and, accordingly, well-being, and also under the pretext of destruction of the prevailing style and way of life. These “globalists” see themselves – as under classical communism – as a new nomenclature, which will appropriate small and medium-sized businesses and bankrupt small and medium businesses and destroy the middle class due to far-fetched lockdowns.

Beautiful “ecological” words will mean only one thing for the overwhelming majority of the population: total control, poverty, slavery.

According to globalists, there are too many people living on Earth than necessary.

The emergence of new castes of people – those who have passed and did not undergo genetic modification: genRich and genPoor are expected. With the help of implanted chips, neuroprogramming, devices for reading thoughts, it becomes possible to start a Gulag that the Bolsheviks never dreamed of. Everything will be subject to control.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin conspiracy narrative on coronavirus' dubious origin and the pandemic, using the trope of "secret elites".

The plan to "complete the capture of the world by the global oligarchy" is falsely attributed by Tsargrad to the World economic forum (WEF) and its publication for the "Great reset" initiative. This brainstorming publication, not binding for any government, only addresses the possible consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. At that, Tsargrad fails to provide any source for their particular claim "according to globalists, there are too many people living on Earth than necessary". This narrative is recurrent: Bill Gates alone or "secret elites" work on depopulation policies, according to pro-Kremlin media.

The narrative on the mass microchipping of the population under the pretext of coronavirus is also not new. The Russian Prosecutor's General Office has even asked to limit access to some previous videos about microchips implants and coronavirus.

"These videos say that the coronavirus is a genetically modified biological weapon artificially created for the purpose of chipping the population and establishing a global world order, destroying people by infection under the guise of vaccination <>...At the same time, neither the World Health Organization, nor the Government of the Russian Federation, nor other official authorities of the Russian Federation have confirmed information about the artificial manufacture of coronavirus infection. Thus, these materials contain unreliable socially significant information that poses a threat of harm to the life and health of citizens, a massive violation of public order and public safety. The General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, basing on the f Part 1 of Art. 15.3 of the Federal Law "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection" applied to Roskomnadzor with a demand to take measures to restrict access to these publications, and in case of transferring similar materials to other Internet resources, also restrict access to them", - says the communiqué of the Russian Prosecutor's General office back on May 6, 2020.

However, pro-Kremlin media has continued to spread the same conspiracies after that date.

See similar disinformation cases on secret elites / global elites and coronavirus.


  • Reported in: Issue 222
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 23/11/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Switzerland, Russia, US, Germany
  • Keywords: coronavirus, Bill Gates, Secret elites / global elites


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A civil war began in Ukraine after the clique seized power in the country

The Maidan turned in to a civil war. The clique seized power in the capital and immediately began suppressing the citizens who opposed the overthrow of the legitimate government. The junta began to suppress the peaceful resistance of the Southern and Eastern oblasts of Ukraine. That eventually led to a civil war in Ukraine. On the one hand, there was a fascist clique with its own Bandera ideals, on the other, those who did not recognise the coup that had taken place in the country.


This is an example of recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about the 2013-2014 Maidan protests and the war in Ukraine.

The war in eastern Ukraine was not caused by the Euromaidan. Protests in favour of EU association and reforms were held in all major cities of Donbas. The war is not a civil conflict but a well-documented act of aggression by Russian armed forces.

Georgia is an experimental test country for the ‘vital vaccine’ against COVID-19

Georgia will be one of the first countries to start vaccination. The estimated date of introduction of the vaccine is spring 2021.


When it is known that it takes at least 7 years to create a vaccine, how can we trust a vaccine that has been developed in a slapdash? Why should Georgia be the first country? Are we experimental rats? If it is not suspicious and experimental, why would we be the first to be given the “vital vaccine” while we are not accepted in the European Union and NATO?


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation message that tries to cast doubt about the vaccines developed by Western companies consistent with the narrative that developing countries will be a testing ground for the newly produced vaccines against the coronavirus.

Georgia will neither be the first nor a test country for the coronavirus vaccines. Dozens of states have applied for the future vaccines at an early stage of research.

Donald Trump was chosen to lead a popular movement against the Deep State of Satan

In the US, the flourishing Church of Satan’s number one priority is the right of abortion. Western societies are dominated by progressivism (or new cultural Marxism) that seeks to substitute Christian morality (which upholds the sanctity of human life), to destroy not only a mother’s love for her child, but also love for one’s country (patriotism) and the natural distinction between man and woman. The EU and Western progressivism in general also conduct pro-homosexuality campaigns.

Ordinary people feel that there is something profoundly wrong with all of this. Donald Trump may be far from perfect, but on the most essential issues his presidency has been an inspiration. He is the most pro-life president in history. Trump was chosen to lead a popular movement against the Deep State of Satan,


This article combines three pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives. The first is a recurrent narrative about the existence in the US of a “Deep State” that rules above elected politicians. According to this narrative, US presidents and other public officials have little or no real power, while decision-making lies in the hands of the “Deep State”.

The second narrative, which has recently emerged in some pro-Kremlin outlets, suggests that “Satanism” is the value-system of “global élites/secret élites”, who allegedly seek to destroy traditional Christian values, such as the sacredness of human life, and replace them with immoral and perverse pseudo-religions. See here for EU vs Disinfo’s analysis of this emerging trend of using Satan to reinforce pro-Kremlin disinformation messages.