Disinfo: Crimea has become an integral part of Russia after a referendum held in March 2014


Crimea has become an integral part of Russia after a referendum held in March 2014, whose result confirmed that most of the inhabitants of Crimea and Sevastopol were in favour of reunification with Russia.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative on the annexation of Crimea claiming that Crimean citizens chose to rejoin Russia through a legal referendum.

No international body recognises the so-called referendum held on the 16th of March 2014. On the 27th of February 2014, when the so-called referendum was announced, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which stated that the referendum in Crimea was not valid and could not serve as a basis for any change in the status of the peninsula. A year later Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that the plan to annex Crimea was ordered weeks before the so-called referendum.

Five years after the illegal annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol by the Russian Federation, the EU issued a statement in which it confirms its commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and reiterates that it does not recognise and continues to condemn this violation of international law.




  • Reported in: Issue146
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 20/04/2019
  • Language/target audience: Italian
  • Country: Russia, Ukraine
  • Keywords: illegal annexation, Manipulated elections/referendum, Referendum, Crimea


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The 2014 February uprising in Ukraine was a coup d’état

The 2014 February uprising in Ukraine known as Euromaidan was a coup d’état.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the Euromaidan.

The Euromaidan protests were a spontaneous reaction among large parts of Ukrainian population, ignited by the decision of former President Yanukovych not to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union in November 2013. The Maidan movement resonated with a widespread discontent with corruption and mismanagement under Yanukovych.

EU passes whistle-blower protection laws immediately after Assange’s arrest

In an ironic twist, the European Parliament passed a whistle-blower protection law less than a week after Julian Assange was arrested in London.


The report falsely implies that the adoption of new EU rules on whistleblower protection is specifically linked to recent developments surrounding Julian Assange, hinting at the supposed "irony" of its timing.

Given their actual scope and the timeline of their adoption, the rules in question cannot be viewed as a response to Assange's arrest.

Sweden is preparing a bridge-head for attacking Russia

Sweden is preparing a bridge-head for attacking Russia and is basing soldiers and military vehicles on the Island of Gotland, a popular tourist resort in the Baltic Sea.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation on western military, encircling Russia. Similar cases here and here.

Sweden established a military unit on the island of Gotland in 2018, consisting of a few hundred conscripts; hardly sufficient to attack Russia.