DISINFO: Democrats suppress dissent and violate human rights in the US
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DISINFO: Democrats suppress dissent and violate human rights in the US


Unlike the pessimistic and frank Republicans, Democrats are characterised by greater hypocrisy about the need to promote democracy and human rights in the international arena, and the importance of this to them, despite their suppression of dissent and their violation of human rights in the United States itself today.


This is a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the US democratic Party overturning democracy and human rights, instigating a civil war, and committing mass election fraud.

Although democracy in US and in the entire democratic world today faces multiple and serious challenges and threats, it is not true that the Democratic Party is suppressing peaceful dissent and violating human rights. The Democratic Party is only a political party in a system based on the rule of law where human rights are guaranteed and handled by independent law enforcement institutions like the police and the judiciary.

In the 2020 Rule of Law index, the United States ranked the 21st in the world, whereas the Russian Federation ranked in the 94th place.

See cases that the Democrats usurpation of power in the US is a fact, the Democratic Party came to power by falsifying the election results, and that democrats will use Covid to establish a totalitarian dictatorship in the US.


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