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Despite the change of power in Moldova, the military continues to prepare for war with Russia

Summary of Disinformation

Sending two Moldovan military contingents, on June 28 2019, to participate in exercises in the US and Ukraine is aimed at preparing soldiers and officers for a possible attack on Transnistria, which means preparing for an anti-Russian confrontation. The anti-Russian character of these manoeuvers is concealed neither by the organisers of the exercises nor the participants.

Vedomosti.md, 1news.md
Vedomosti.md, 1news.md

Recurring narrative on the belligerent West, encircled Russia and the West controlling Moldova.

See similar cases where planned military exercises are portrayed as aggression  towards Russia.

A Ministry of Defense press release announces that Moldova National Army sent on June 28 a number of 49 military from the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion and five state major officers to Ukraine, for participate in "Sea Breeze 2019", a multinational peacekeeping exercise organized in the spirit of the Partnership for Peace. Moldova has been attending this exercise since 2007.

An other contingent has been sent in the same day to California, USA, to participate in the "Agile Hunter 2019", an exercise aiming to increase the level of inter-operability between the sub-units of the two armies, to strengthen defense capabilities and to prepare Moldovan troops for peacekeeping operations.

”The participation of Moldovan soldiers in US training is provided in the Foreign Ministry's Defense and National Army's External Action Plan for 2019. Note that "Agile Hunter", conducted through the Partnership Program with the National Guard of North Carolina, is being held for the fourth consecutive year. The first two editions took place in the Republic of Moldova, and last year it was held in Fort Bliss, Texas, August 10-28”, notes the Ministry of Defense press release.

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Reported in: Issue 156
Date: 28.06.2019
Language: Russian
Country: Moldova, Russia
Keywords: Transnistria, Encircling Russia, The West
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Vedomosti.md, 1news.md
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