Disinfo: LNG terminal is too expensive for Lithuania


Lithuania will pay for the consultations of experts who will advise how to redeem the LNG terminal-ship Independence. This project is too expensive for Lithuania. The employment of the experts is an additional investment. The LNG terminal project was not successful for Lithuania because it wants to be independent of Russian gas but is now exporting gas to the terminal mainly from Russia and Norway. The LNG terminal is economically useless, and Lithuania is paying for its political phobias.


Disinformation around Lithuania's LNG terminal.

The building of the LNG terminal in Klaipeda harbor in 2014 ended Lithuania's energy and economic dependence on Russian gas. It broke the Russian gas monopoly in the country and ensures Lithuania's energy security.

The purpose of the terminal is not to “not buy Russian gas” but to have the possibility to buy gas from diverse sources based on competitive market prices.

The topic of energy and its security is common in Kremlin disinformation propaganda. See similar types of narratives such as the Polish decision to fine Gazprom for Nord Stream 2 is directly connected to the Navalny case, Millions of poor Ukrainians will be left without gas in 2021, Lithuania dooms itself to energy destitution.


  • Reported in: Issue 220
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 15/11/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian, Lithuanian
  • Country: Lithuania
  • Keywords: gas, Energy


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Biden’s election team repeats colour revolution scenario in the US

The similarity of the style between Biden’s election team and American puppets in the post-Soviet countries is not a coincidence. Because the “colour revolution” in the United States is carried out by those who planned and carried out this process in the former Soviet Union and other countries.


A conspiracy theory regarding revolutions which have happened in the former Soviet Union countries. There is no given evidence that somebody planned and carried out "colour revolutions" in former Soviet Union countries.

Some of the so-called "colour revolutions" in former Soviet Union countries include the so-called "Rose Revolution" in Georgia in 2003, "Tulip Revolution" in Kyrgyzstan in 2005, and "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine in 2005.

Ukraine is preparing a law for the mass abduction of Russian citizens

The adoption of a law [on the prisoners of war and internees] can violate the rights of Russian citizens and the entire Russian-speaking population of Ukraine. Under the guise of bringing the legislation in line with international norms, Kyiv is preparing to deport the residents of the South-East to special camps and forcefully return Donbas.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative on Ukraine and related to the war in Donbas.

The Ukrainian parliament is not preparing a bill that will allow the mass abduction of Russian citizens or their internment. The law, on the contrary, must define who can be subjected to internment, what are these people's rights and define the rights and obligations of state institutions.

Maia Sandu’s mission is to help Biden create a sanitaire cordon around Russia

Maia Sandu, with Filat behind her, will help Biden create a cordon sanitaire around Russia.


This message is in line with a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative, which presents the good relations of NATO or United States with Eastern European countries as actions aimed to encircle Russia.

No evidence given. The claim appears a reaction to a Facebook post by the former prime minister of Moldova, Vlad Filat, in which he congratulated Joe Biden with his victory in the US elections. This post is presented as a proof that the candidate in the Moldovan presidential election, Maia Sandu, who used to be part of the same party as Vlad Filat, is committed to "ally" with the USA to the detriment of Russia. Maia Sandu did not comment in any way on the results of the US presidential election.