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No positive news about Russia in the mainstream Polish media

Summary of Disinformation

One of the key reasons for problematic relations between Poland and Russia is the fact that the Polish media spread only negative information about Russia. In recent years, the mainstream Polish media have not published a single positive news article about Russia.


This misleading statement is aimed to spread the message that Polish society is actively misinformed by the mainstream media – it is part of the pro-Kremlin narrative that the Western elites and mainstream media artificially create hostility against Russia. See a similar case here.

The most popular Polish media present various news about Russia, negative, neutral and positive in tone. See examples of news about Russia, the Russians and Russian culture published by the Polish media here and here.


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Reported in: Issue 155
Date: 10.06.2019
Language: Polish
Country: Poland, Russia
Keywords: Mainstream media, Anti-Russian
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Sputnik Polska
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