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USSR had no allies before WWII, but it won the war nevertheless

Summary of Disinformation

In principle, what is happening today is very similar to what happened before the Second World War. There are a lot of analogies here. I must say that in fact the USSR was in a much worse situation than Russia is today. It had no allies at all. [—] So, in principle, the chances of the USSR were very small. But today, on the eve of May 9 [the official holiday in Russia – The Victory Day of World War II], I will remind you with what this [the war of the USSR against Nazi Germany 1941-1945] ended.



During WWII, Moscow had a lot of allies united by the ant-Hitler coalition including the US and UK. It was fighting not the West but the Nazi Germany and other Axis powers. www.britannica.com/event/World-War-II,

Also, a non-aggression pact between Germany and the Soviet Union was concluded only a few days before the beginning of World War II and divided eastern Europe into German and Soviet spheres of influence. www.britannica.com/event/German-Soviet-Nonaggression-Pact,

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Reported in: Issue 107
Date: 06.05.2018
Language: Russian
Country: USSR, Russia
Keywords: WWIII
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Voskresnyi vecher c Vladimirom Solovievym @Rossia 1, 1:10:01
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