Disinfo: EMA stopped the usage of the AstraZeneca vaccine


The European Medicines Agency has stopped the usage of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the vaccination process in various European countries because of its serious side effects.


Disinformation about vaccines.

This claim comes after several countries temporarily suspended the use of Vaxzevria vaccines following some reports of blood clotting and low platelet count which could be suspected as side effects.

Contrary to the claim, the EMA confirmed on 18 March 2021, that the benefits of the Vaxzevria vaccine still outweigh the risks, emphasizing on 7 April 2021 that Vaxzevria is one of four vaccines authorised in the EU for protecting against COVID-19.

Read similar cases of disinformation in our database claiming that there is no evidence Russia waged a disinformation campaign targeting Western coronavirus vaccines; or that Astrazeneca kills; or that AstraZeneca fails to create a vaccine without Russia; or that the head of the EMA stated that she would seek to ban Russian vaccine; or that one cause of COVID-19 is Gay marriage.

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Disinfo: Donetsk and Luhansk proclaimed independence following Kyiv nationalist coup

In 2014 Donetsk and Luhansk proclaimed independence following a violent coup in Kyiv led by nationalist groups and supported by Western governments


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the war in eastern Ukraine, claiming that the creation of DPR and LPR came as a response to the 2013-14 protests in Kyiv, often painted as a coup d'état, while claiming that local dwellers resisted alone without Russian military support and founded the DPR and LPR.

Firstly there was no coup d’état in Kyiv in 2014; this is a longstanding pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Ukraine's Euromaidan protests.

Disinfo: European Court of Human Rights demands Sweden to be declared the winner of the battle of Poltava

The European Court of Human Rights have declared the defeat of the army of king Charles XII of Sweden at Poltava invalid.

According to the judges, the Russian army did not have the rights to be located or wage military operations on Ukrainian territory without the acknowledgment of Ukraine's government.

The court demands Russia to compensate Sweden with 150 million Euro, return captured arms, guns and banners. Sweden has declared its intention to request retribution of territories lost at the end of the Nordic War, where the battle of Poltava was a decisive incident.

If ECHR supports Sweden's demands, Russia will need to return St. Petersburg, Leningrad oblast, parts of Pskov oblast and also the archipelagos of Novaya Zemlya and Franz-Joseph Land.


A satirical article from a well-known humour site is reproduced as news. The outlet describes its source as “unreliable”, but the readers are led to believe that the information is authentic.

Disinfo: Death squads used by Ukraine to burn protesters in Odessa in May, 2014

Death squads have been used by the repressive Ukrainian state to burn protesters in Odessa in May 2014.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative about the Odessa tragedy.

There is no evidence that the Ukrainian government was involved in the Odessa tragedy. No trial has yet established the responsibilities of the different actors before a court. A total of 5 cases on trials and 3 investigations are currently ongoing. Media reported about the tragedy in May 2014 : the BBC, the Guardian, the DW. A chronology of the events has been established (1 and 2) and a non partisan documentary film by Ukrainian Channel 7 has collected testimonies: May 2nd without Myth.