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Emmanuel Macron congratulated Vladimir Putin on winning the presidential election

Summary of Disinformation

Emmanuel Macron congratulated Vladimir Putin on winning the presidential election and spoke in favour of continuing joint work aimed at the further expansion of multifaceted Russian-French cooperation, in particular, between civil societies, as part of the Trianon Dialogue.


President Emmanuel Macron did not congratulate Putin on winning the presidential election. www.elysee.fr/communiques-de-presse/article/communique-entretien-telephonique-entre-emmanuel-macron-president-la-republique-et-vladimir-poutine-president-de-la-federation-de-russie/,

He wished Russia and its people success in political, democratic, economic and social modernisation. President Macron also took the opportunity to raise his concerns over the Skripal poisoning "The President of the Republic called on the Russian authorities to shed light on the responsibilities related to the unacceptable attack on Salisbury, and to take firm control of any programs that have not been declared to the Organization for prohibition of chemical weapons. He informed the Russian President of the measures taken to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens."

Further debunking by the Insider: theins.ru/antifake/95577,

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Reported in: Issue 102
Date: 19.03.2018
Language: English
Country: Russia, France
Keywords: Emmanuel Macron, Vladimir Putin
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Kremlin.ru
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