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EU considers restoring the visa regime with Georgia: persons leaving to the EU have to get a preliminary permit

Summary of Disinformation

The visa free regime between EU and Georgia is a failure – Europe is restoring the EU visa regime with Georgia.


The permit that is being presented as a reinstatement of the visa regime between Georgia and the EU is in fact the introduction of draft “European Travel Information and Authorization System”, according to which citizens of countries which have signed a visa liberalization agreement with the EU shall receive a relevant preliminary permission before entering the EU territory. This draft was proposed in 2016 and is aimed at consolidating EU security. Moreover, this new regulation will refer to more than 50 countries apart from Georgia, including the US, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, etc. Hence, it cannot be referred to as a failure in the visa free regime with Georgia. Read more at SUT.am https://sut.am/en/archives/1940.


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Reported in: Issue 86
Date: 24.10.2017
Language: Russian
Country of Origin: Europe, Georgia
Reported by: SUT.am
Keywords: Visa liberalisation
Disinforming outlet: Kommersant
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