DISINFO: EU is imperialistic and a danger to peace and unity on the European continent
  • Outlet: de.rt.com (archived)*
  • Date of publication: June 03, 2021
  • Article language(s): German
  • Reported in: Issue 247
  • Countries / regions discussed: EU
Europe European Union Warmongering

DISINFO: EU is imperialistic and a danger to peace and unity on the European continent


It may be that the precursors of the EU were peace projects. It may also be that the EU can become a peace project in the future. At present, it is not. On the contrary, the EU is a danger to peace and unity in Europe. The disadvantage is mainly its own, because the EU is neither trustworthy nor reliable. It is imperialistic and strives for sole power in Europe. It has become a danger to peace on the European continent.


Narrative presenting the EU as an anti-peace-project, without providing evidence for the claims.

The article portrays the EU as a warmongering power, provoking conflicts and accused of inciting violence - without giving any evidence. There are no registered cases where the EU incited violence on the European continent or was responsible for the outbreak of violence. On the contrary, the European Union has become one of the world's most successful peace projects, being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. Today the EU's ambition is to be, more than ever, a global actor for peace.

EU Member States have substantial security and defence capabilities. By working closely together, Europe further strengthens its role as a global player to protect its citizens and promote peace (see recent Tweet from Charles Michel on Europe day) in partner countries.

In contrast, there are well documented cases of Russian aggression in the last few years showing that it is not a “peacemaker” as this RT article implicitly suggests. The best example is the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Since the illegal annexation of Crimea Russia tripled its military presence at the spot.

See related cases like: Europe and the United States destroy states and nations in pursuit of globalist interests, the EU is a NATO white label.


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