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EU officials supported the violence in Catalonia

Summary of Disinformation

The referendum for independence held in Catalonia on October 1, 2017, where citizens were shot right at the entrance to polling stations, in the context of a complete silence of EU officials, demonstrates that Article 2 from EU treaty about democracy and human rights is only “chatter”. If the EU bureaucracy keep silent about the violence in Catalonia, it means they support it.


The European Commission issued a statement on the events in Catalonia where EC states that the vote in Catalonia was not in line with the Spanish constitution, but underlines that "Violence can never be an instrument in politics".

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Reported in: Issue 82
Date: 02.10.2017
Language: Moldova
Country: Spain
Keywords: Catalonia, Referendum
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Facebook page of Socialist deputy, Bogdan Tirdea
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