Disinfo: Europe is doing everything to destroy the INF treaty


Instead of accusing Russia of “all sorts of sins,” Europe should begin a constructive dialogue on the INF Treaty. Europe must look at itself, review its behavior and start a constructive dialogue in order to preserve this treaty. But they are doing everything to destroy the INF Treaty, and then blame Russia.


Unfounded accusation of Europe's role in the destruction of the INF treaty. In fact, the EU urged the treaty's parties, the United States and the Russian Federation, to remain engaged in constructive dialogue to preserve the INF Treaty and ensure its full and verifiable implementation, which is crucial for Europe’s and global security.

The EU has called on the US to consider the consequences of its possible withdrawal from the INF for its own security, the security of its allies and that of the whole world. The EU has also called on both the US and Russia to remain engaged in constructive dialogue to preserve the INF Treaty, and on Russia to address the serious concerns regarding its compliance with the treaty. NATO considers Russia to be in violation of the INF Treaty, and the alliance has called on Russia to return urgently to full and verifiable compliance with the agreement.

For background about INF treaty and European defence see here.


  • Reported in: Issue 158
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 17/07/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia
  • Keywords: INF Treaty, Europe


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The investigation of MH17 was turned into an anti-Russian show

Russia has its own version of what happened [with the MH17 flight downing on July 17, 2014]. But Western investigators simply assigned the perpetrators. If there was evidence, they would turn it into a bigger show. But they have nothing, so they continue to raise this topic by official statements. This is easier than admitting that the investigation was not objective.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the downing of the MH17.

Regarding the Russian version of events, the claims by Buk manufacturer Almaz-Antey were debunked already in 2015 by Bellingcat. The evidence conducted by the Russian military company Almaz-Antey is only a small sample of misleading claims and conspiracy theories advanced by Moscow since 2015, many of which have contradicted one another. See previous debunking of these claims herehere, and here, and a summary of disinformation narratives on this case here.

Migrants exhaust European budgets and bring waves of organised crime

Europe is being infused with foreign values when they accept migrants, values like multiculturalism and demographic change. [Migrants] exhaust European budgets and bring waves of organised crime. All of this has damaged Europe.


A claim supported by no evidence, in line with the Islamisation of Europe disinformation narrative; most studies on this issue have found either no link between migration and crime rates, or found links that could at best be described as tenuous.

This type of claim is part of a recurrent Russian narrative against migration and multiculturalism portraying migrants and refugees as a great source of danger. See here and here for examples.

The West is blatantly interfering in the internal affairs of post-Soviet countries

After the collapse of the USSR, the West believed that the “end of history” had arrived. And that it was then allowed to grossly interfere in the affairs of certain states. Moreover, it unceremoniously commands internal political processes. Ukraine is the most glaring example.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about Ukrainian statehood and the West's strategy of encircling Russia.

Ukraine is a sovereign state and not controlled by any foreign government. Its sovereignty and territorial integrity are respected by the Western countries but were violated by Russia in 2014. Ukraine is an independent state with a democratically elected president and Parliament.