Disinfo: Europe is in a total mess: Baltic countries are complaining they can't afford to eat


The European countries are in a total mess. In the Baltic countries the people can’t even afford to eat.


No evidence given. There is no shortage of food in Baltic countries.


  • Reported in: Issue 87
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 09/11/2017
  • Outlet language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Baltic states, Russia
  • Keywords: European Union, Baltic states
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Ground anti-missiles at Fort Greely (Alaska State) are targeted against Russian and Chinese rockets

The US ground missile defence in Alaska is aimed at Russian and Chinese rockets. Not only does the US missile defence system make it harder for rockets to fly, but it can also shoot them down.


According to the Missile Defence Agency, the anti-missile defence, the defence is directed against North Korea and Iran. "US military ballistic missile defence policies have sought to protect the homeland against a long-range missile strike from states such as Iran and North Korea, but not major nuclear powers Russia and China." www.armscontrol.org/factsheets/usmissiledefense,

Russia is the guarantee for security of Ukraine

Russia is the guarantee for the security for Ukraine.


Recurring disinformation. Russia has been waging and financing the war against Ukraine in Donbas immediately after annexing Crimea. See more about Russia's military intervention in Ukraine. euvsdisinfo.eu/report/the-osce-the-pentagon-nato-headquarters-and-the-council-of-europe-do-not-recognize-the-facts-of-russias-aggression-against-ukraine-primarily-the-intrusion-of-russian-tanks-and-paratroopers-into-do/, The evidence of Russian military in Donbas is overwhelming, much of it coming, inadvertently or deliberately, from Russian troops themselves. Further details, for example, are in the following reports: InformNapalm, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, Atlantic council, EuObserver, Vice News. According to the Bellingcat investigation, in 2017 Russia's tanks in Donbas represent a "peak" of its warfare capability. Moreover, an exhibition of Russian weapons, including Russia-made tanks captured from separatist and Russian forces during battles in the east of Ukraine opened in Kyiv on February 21, 2017. It was called "The Presence" and it aims to prove Russian military involvement in Ukraine.