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European politicians do not care about international humanitarian law

Summary of Disinformation

NATO’s operation in Kosovo shows that European politicians do not care about international humanitarian law.


No evidence given. The NATO operation for Kosovo followed over a year of intense efforts by the UN and the Contact Group, of which Russia was a member, to bring about a peaceful solution. The UN Security Council on several occasions branded the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and the mounting number of refugees driven from their homes as a threat to international peace and security. NATO's Operation Allied Force was launched to prevent the large-scale and sustained violations of human rights and the killing of civilians.

Following the air campaign, the subsequent NATO-led peacekeeping operation, KFOR, which initially included Russia, has been under UN mandate (UNSCR 1244), with the aim of providing a safe and secure environment in Kosovo.

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Reported in: Issue 84
Date: 12.10.2017
Language: Swedish
Country: Kosovo, Sweden
Keywords: EU, NATO
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Russian ambassador's opinion piece in di.se
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