Disinfo: Europeans flee to Russia because of juvenile justice and homosexual dictatorship


Europeans flee to Russia, saving themselves from juvenile justice, aggressive sex education and homosexual dictatorship. Some of them choose Crimea as their new permanent residence.


No evidence given. Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Europe's moral decay.

For more information, read our story about alleged migration of Western countries citizens to "Russia".



  • Reported in: Issue 137
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 13/02/2019
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia
  • Keywords: European values, Europe, LGBT


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BBC producer under threat of persecution by Western intelligence services

Following his disclosure of the staged video on the Douma attack, the Russian Ministry of Defence warns BBC producer Riam Dalati about a possible persecution by the Western intelligence services, especially those of the EU and the UK.



No evidence given on the claims that the BBC producer Riam Dalati is threatened.

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Estonian society is most concerned about the Islamization of Europe

Estonian society is most concerned about the Islamization of Europe.

Estonia sees what is done in France, England, Germany, Sweden and other countries when where they are trying to resettle Africa to Europe. Estonia sees the danger that is moving towards it too, and this is not a joke.


According to the latest data from Eurobarometer, 65% of Estonians think that the most important issue facing the EU is immigration, on the second place is terrorism with 25% and public finances is third with 14%. The most important issues facing Estonia are inflation and rising prices, followed by healthcare and taxes. Islamization did not make it to the list.

Belarus has began de-russification and is imposing Belarusian language

Belarus is moving in the direction of a “de-russification”. This involves imposing statutory measures such as the Belarusian language, [Catholic] churches, vyshyvankas and the Latin alphabet in what is termed as a ‘gradual soft Belarusianisation’. This inevitably turns Belarus into an enemy, moving it from the Russian cultural space into a Polish-Lithuanian one.


No evidence given.

The Belarusian constitution provides equal status of the two official languages – Belarusian and Russian (Article 17) – as well as equal status of religions in the country (Article 16). In practice, the majority of official correspondence, state media and education in Belarus operate in Russian.