Disinfo: Europeans want to squeeze out all resources from Ukraine


Europeans want to squeeze out all resources from Ukraine.


The EU, together with its Member States, has since last year delivered unprecedented levels of support to help Ukraine in its efforts for launching this renewed reform process. In March last year, the EU and European Financial Institutions committed EUR 11 billion in support of Ukraine’s political, economic and financial stabilisation. So far, around EUR 6 billion has been mobilised in the form of loans and grants, including the recently approved additional third macro-financial assistance programme of EUR 1.8 billion. The EU is both currently and since the country's independence the biggest international donor to Ukraine (bit.ly/1WZr5PI), .


  • Reported in: Issue 26
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 06/05/2016
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  • Country: Ukraine
  • Keywords: Imperialism/colonialism, Natural resources, Europe, AA/DCFTA
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