Disinfo: Evidence suggests the US may be plotting a new pandemic


Evidence suggests the US may be plotting a new pandemic: a bill boosts US intelligence to deal with the next pandemic. Judging from increased activity in Pentagon bio labs around the world and new data on the Coronavirus, the US may be plotting another outbreak.


Recurring disinformation narrative about the US and coronavirus.

The article insinuates that the US is involved in the spread of the pandemic as the world's coronavirus figures continue to increase. These claims are not supported by any evidence.

The overwhelming consensus among scientists and medical experts is that SARS-CoV-2 has all the characteristics of a naturally occurring virus. According to scientists, the molecular structure of the virus excludes the possibility that it was human-made.

As pointed out by prominent researchers, from 1949 until 1988, the Soviet Union conducted a nearly continuous campaign of false allegations of biological-weapon (BW) use by the United States, renewed after 1995 and persisting to the present day. The COVID-19 pandemic that started in early 2020 was incorporated in this narrative, with pro-Kremlin outlets falsely claiming that the US was somehow involved in the development and leak of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Read similar cases claiming that There is good reason to believe that biological weapons are developed in American laboratories, that US-controlled biolabs develop biological weapons under the guise of studying dangerous infections or that the US involved in the release of COVID-19


  • Reported in: Issue 265
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 22/10/2021
  • Article language(s) Italian, Serbian, English
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: US
  • Keywords: Conspiracy theory, Biological weapons, laboratory, coronavirus
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Disinfo: US is to bomb "old continent" as an "escape" from Russian threat for its allies

The United States is working to bomb the territory of the "old continent" with thermonuclear weapons as an "escape" option from the "Russian threat" for its European allies and partners.


A disinformation narrative that portrays the United States as the puppet master deciding on the destiny of the European continent.

There is nothing to suggest that the United States is working to bomb European countries. This narrative appeared in relation to the Steadfast Noon military exercise. It is a NATO-led exercise with dozens of aircraft from across the Alliance practising the defence of NATO’s European Allies. It is hosted by a different NATO country each year. Steadfast Noon involves training flights with dual-capable fighter jets, as well as conventional jets, backed by surveillance and refuelling aircraft. No live weapons are used.

Disinfo: Russia is not part of the internal conflict in Ukraine

The government in Kyiv is considering buying weapons from the United Kingdom as it is trying to enhance its military relations with the West since a conflict started in the Eastern part of Donbas. Ukraine believes that Russia is responsible for this conflict but it is well known that Moscow was never a part of the internal conflict in Ukraine.


This is a recurring disinformation narrative from pro-Kremlin outlets claiming that only Ukraine and the two pro-Kremlin illegal separatists territories are warring sides in the Donbas conflict, while Russia is not part of this conflict but is a mediator.

It is an internationally established fact that Russia is a party to the Donbas conflict. The leaders of the Group of Seven, who met in Cornwall on 11-13 June 2021, said in a communiqué: “We remain firmly of the view that Russia is a party to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, not a mediator.”

Disinfo: Political establishment in the Baltic states, Poland and Ukraine are driven by Russophobia

Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine are ready to compromise their security and sovereignty for the interests of the US and UK, which carry out anti-Russian and anti-Belarusian activities. The political establishment of the Baltic states, Poland and Ukraine does not act based on national interests. Instead, they are driven by Russophobic mythology, dream about great power ambitions which undermine their stability and international security. Against this background, Belarus rightly fosters its participation in Russia-led integration initiatives to strengthen sovereignty and development potential.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about ubiquitous Russophobia portraying the Baltic states, Poland and Ukraine as puppet-states of the US and UK.

All mentioned countries are sovereign and independent states, which shape their own foreign and domestic policies. They are not controlled by the US, UK or any other foreign government or organisation. As for Ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity are violated by Russia's acts of armed aggression.