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Footage shows Tskhinvali bombed by Georgians

Summary of Disinformation

On August 8, Georgia attacked South Ossetia. Director of a bakery in Tskhinvali says in the video that Georgian soldiers were entering houses in Tskhinvali and leaving hand grenades in basements. Afterwards, the video shows footage with Sophio Muradov.


The footage is falsified: whereas NTV talks about the Georgian attacks in Tskhinvali, the footage in reality shows Gori that had been bombed by Russian Air Forces. Sophio Muradov was wounded during the bombings of residential buildings in Gori by the Russian Air Forces on August 9, 2008. Read more here: www.mythdetector.ge/en/myth/falsified-footage-ntv-gori-bombed-russian-air-forces-portrayed-tskhinvali,


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Reported in: Issue 116
Date: 08.08.2018
Language: Russian
Country: Russia, Georgia
Keywords: Russo-Georgian War
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: NTV
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