Disinfo: FBI, CIA, NSA, the Pentagon, the mainstream media are the enemies of Real America


With the blatant collaboration of nominally “American” forces from the CIA, FBI, NSA, the Pentagon, and MSM who conspired directly with international agencies such as the Five Eyes and MI6 to overthrow Trump, it has become evident that there isn’t one single America, but rather two opposing forces within America acting against each other. The destiny of America is realised in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, BRI. The BRI’s political economic practices are exactly what the best American patriots fought for.


A conspiracy theory, presented without evidence, suggesting US intelligence services working against the "Real America". This is a trope, consistent with "the People vs. the Elite" narrative.


  • Reported in: Issue 155
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 24/06/2019
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: China, US
  • Keywords: Belt and Road Initiative, Mainstream media, FBI, Intelligence services, Conspiracy
  • Outlet: Oriental Review
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Ukraine is not able to repair and modernise its aircraft without Russia, it is a safety risk

Ukraine has serious problems with the repair and modernisation of the Soviet MiG-29 fighters because of the sanctions imposed against Russia. The Lviv Aircraft Repair Plant reported that it lost the opportunity to acquire Russian spare parts for the fighter-planes, which is why it did not fulfil the contract for updating the aircraft. Experts note that the attempts of Ukrainian specialists to independently modernise the MiG-29 can make the operation of the machine unsafe.


No evidence given for a safety risk.

There are no such words about anti-Russian sanctions in the statement RT.com referred to.

Belarusian state film studio is shooting Russophobic films

Belarusfilm (the Belarusian state film studio) is shooting Russophobic films where the following thought is clearly articulated and transmitted: Belarusians are not Russians at all, this nation deserves a nationally oriented state and their language is great!


A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative on alleged Russophobia in Belarus also questioning the latter's sovereignty. See a recent case on Belarusian sovereignty here.

The disinformation message appeared in the context of a recently released trailer for the film Kupala, about one of the greatest Belarusian writers of the 20th century Yanka Kupala.

Ukraine’s elected government was ousted in 2014 US-backed coup

The 2014 power shift in Ukraine was the result of a US-backed coup, which overthrew the country’s elected government and installed a pro-Western one.


The claim advances pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives stating that the 2013-14 Euromaidan protests resulted in an illegal coup; painting Ukraine as a failing state incapable of making its own foreign-policy choices; and painting the US as the puppet-master of European politics.

The spontaneous onset of the Euromaidan protests was a reaction of numerous parts of the Ukrainian population to former President Yanukovych’s sudden departure from the promised Association Agreement with the European Union in November 2013. See the full debunk here.