Disinfo: The German parties FDP and the Greens have strongly euro-sceptic policies, Merkel won’t cooperate with them


FDP and the Greens have strongly euro-sceptic policies and Merkel will thus continue to cooperate with SPD (albeit in opposition) on creating “the New Europe”.


  • Reported in: Issue 82
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 25/09/2017
  • Language/target audience: Czech
  • Country: Germany
  • Keywords: SPD, Elections, Angela Merkel


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German secret services will surveil the 13 percent of the German population since they voted for the AfD

AfD members are under surveillance of the German secret services. Now the services will have to carry out surveillance also of the 13 percent of the German population that voted for AfD.


No evidence given. The German intelligence services have been tasked with the collection and the analysis of information on efforts directed against the free democratic basic order or against the existence and the security of the Federation or one of its States or aimed at unlawfully hampering constitutional bodies of the Federation or one of its States or their members in the performance of their duties or jeopardising foreign interests of the Federal Republic of Germany by the use of violence or the preparation thereof or directed against the idea of international understanding (article 9, para. 2 of the Basic Law (Grundgesetz, GG)), especially against the peaceful coexistence of peoples and intelligence activities carried out on behalf of a foreign power (counter-intelligence).
Moreover, in conformity with section 3 (2) of the BVerfSchG, BfV contributes to counter-sabotage and personnel/physical security. Exercising your democratic right to vote for what you wish is neither of the above. www.verfassungsschutz.de/en/about-the-bfv/tasks/what-exactly-are-the-tasks-of-the-domestic-intelligence-services,

Spanish is taught as a foreign language in Catalonia

Spanish is taught as a foreign language in Catalonia municipal schools.


According to the Catalan education system, Catalan is the lingua franca in the public schools of the region; a majority of the subjects (excluding language classes) are taught in Catalan. The 2017 academic curriculum established by the Catalan Government for secondary education differentiates between Catalan, Spanish and foreign languages. xtec.gencat.cat/ca/curriculum/eso/curriculum/, .

Deployment of any missions at the Russia-Ukrainian border will contradict the Minsk Agreements

The issue of deploying a UN peacekeeping mission at the Russian-Ukrainian border in Donbas is off the table as it would be contradicting the Minsk agreements on the ceasefire in the eastern Ukrainian region.


The Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements do not mention peacekeeping missions. www.osce.org/ru/cio/140221?download=true,
Instead, they do state that full Ukrainian government control has be restored over the state border, throughout the conflict zone. In addition, all foreign armed groups, weapons and mercenaries have to be withdrawn from Ukrainian territory under the OSCE monitoring.
Further debunk: theins.ru/antifake/71968,