Finland is the first country to de facto waive the sanctions against Russia


Finland is the first country to de facto waive the sanctions against Russia and to officially declare so.


An unfounded claim. Finland gives its full support to the EU’s common sanctions and unity. The implementation of the Minsk agreement is the first condition for lifting the EU’s sanctions on Russia, according to the Finnish Prime Minister. The Finnish-Russian trade commission has met for the first time since 2013.  More details in the press release of the Government Offices of Finland.


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  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 01/12/2016
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  • Country: Russia, Finland
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Homosexuals spread AIDS in Lithuania

During the ten months of 2016, 168 new cases of AIDS were registered in Lithuania. Experts assume that this is due to drug abusing lesbian women and gay men.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about West's moral decay.

There is no evidence presented to support the claim that those infected are homosexual.

In Sweden, refugees are fed better then the elderly

The food served to refugees for free in Sweden is much better than the food served to paying elderly, proven by a photo.


The photo is fake and does not depict the food served either to refugees or to the elderly in Sweden. It is an often used narrative by Swedish pro-Kremlin outlets to claim that refugees are offered better services than the elderly in Sweden (and that it has to be mutually exclusive).The photo with the appetizing plate is taken from a food blog, the owner of the blog is urging people to report the post as fake. Further debunking at Viralgranskaren,

The US and the EU are employing terrorism to undermine the Middle East

The US and the EU are using terrorism as a tool in order to undermine the stability in the Middle East and to destroy as many of its residents as they can, with the aim of minimising the number of refugees coming to Europe from this region.


Recurrent allegations of complicity in terrorism. This message is a wide-spread conspiracy theory that the United States established many terrorist organizations and that it has full control over global terrorism.

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