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Finns found a Ukrainian trace in the case of Skripal

Summary of Disinformation

Finns found the Ukrainian trace in the case of Skripal.  After analysing the available information, a number of Finnish politicians came to the conclusion that with a high degree of probability, the special services of Ukraine may be involved in the case of Skripal.


Many competing and contradictory stories promulgated by Russian state-controlled media, the only connecting thread being to confuse their audience and exclude any possibility of Russian involvement https://euvsdisinfo.eu/disinformation-cases/?text=sergei+skripal&disinfo_issue=&date=.

One Finnish MP, Tom Packalen, has claimed Ukraine "gains from the situation".

In its statement, the European Union - and Finland as an EU member state - expressed shock at the offensive use of any military-grade nerve agent, of a type developed by Russia, for the first time on European soil in over 70 years. http://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2018/03/19/statement-by-the-foreign-affairs-council-on-the-salisbury-attack/

For official Finnish position, see also: www.presidentti.fi/public/default.aspx?contentid=373052&nodeid=44809&contentlan=2&culture=en-US, , formin.finland.fi/public/default.aspx?contentid=373443&nodeid=15145&contentlan=2&culture=en-US,

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Reported in: Issue 103
Date: 31.03.2018
Language: English
Country: UK, Russia, Ukraine
Keywords: Sergei Skripal, Secret services
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Newsme.com
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