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Foreign specialists arrived in Syria to stage chlorine chemical attack

Summary of Disinformation

[Referring to a tweet by the Russian Embassy in South Africa, including a photo of what appears to be actors on a film set.] This image accompanied a claim that “English-speaking foreign specialists” had arrived in Syria to stage a chlorine chemical attack in Hama province.


The photo does indeed show a film set, but not “foreign specialists.” In fact, the photo is of the set of Revolution Man, a film produced by Syrian state media. Read more here: www.polygraph.info/a/fact-check-russian-embassy-tweets-misleading-photo-about-syria-/29458058.html, and here euvsdisinfo.eu/a-movie-as-new-evidence-on-fake-chemical-attack-again/,

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Reported in: Issue 116
Date: 28.08.2018
Language: English
Country: UK, Russia, US, Syria
Keywords: false flag, Chemical weapons/attack
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Russian embassy in South Africa
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