Disinfo: ‘Foreign specialists’ may stage chemical attack in Syria to frame Assad


“English-speaking specialists” have arrived in Syria and may stage a chemical attack using chlorine in “the next two days”, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The operation is planned to unfold in the village of Kafr Zita in Syria’s north-western Hama Province in “the next two days”. Groups of residents will be used to assist fake rescuers from the White Helmets.


Conspiracy theory with no evidence given and disproved by events. This is a repeating recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation about chemical weapons use in Syria: euvsdisinfo.eu/disinformation-cases/?text=stage+chemical&disinfo_issue=&date=, No such attack happened during the two days after the disinformation had been published.

For background:

On 7 April 2018, a high number of civilians were killed in the besieged Syrian city of Douma, with evidence pointing towards another chemical attack by the regime, according to the EU.

See also Bellingcat's open source survey on the suspected chemical attack: https://www.bellingcat.com/news/mena/2018/04/11/open-source-survey-alleged-chemical-attacks-douma-7th-april-2018/ www.bellingcat.com/news/mena/2018/04/29/pieces-matter-syrias-chlorine-bombs-douma-chemical-attack/

On April 10 Russia vetoed a U.S.-drafted U.N. Security Council resolution that would have created a new inquiry to ascertain responsibility for chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism found Syria’s Government responsible for last year’s attack in Khan Shaykhun.

In September 2017, the UN Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic summarized 33 separate incidents where it had found use of chemical weapons. Since then there have been several additional suspected chemical attacks. Between March 2013 and March 2017, the Commission documented 25 incidents of chemical weapons use in the Syrian Arab Republic, of which 20 were proven to have been perpetrated by government forces and used primarily against civilians. 



  • Reported in: Issue 116
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 26/08/2018
  • Language/target audience: English
  • Country: Russia, Syria
  • Keywords: Chemical weapons/attack, Syrian War


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Eastern Europe is a testing ground for NATO

Eastern Europe is a testing ground for NATO. This [accidental missile launch] would never happen in Germany, France or Italy, but Estonia, Romania and Poland are second class countries for NATO.


No evidence given. Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation on NATO and Eastern Europe. euvsdisinfo.eu/disinformation-cases/?text=nato&disinfo_issue=&date=,

A Spanish Eurofighter EF2000 jet accidentally fired an AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) during a training mission in Estonia. Read more on pro-Kremlin narratives of the incident on DFRLab: medium.com/dfrlab/balticbrief-accidental-missile-launched-over-estonia-26fe8c222a2b,

Germany doubts that Russia is responsible for Salisbury attack

Germany doubts that Russia is responsible for Salisbury attack.


Many competing and contradictory stories promulgated by Russian state-controlled media, the only connecting thread being to confuse their audience and exclude any possibility of Russian involvement https://euvsdisinfo.eu/disinformation-cases/?text=sergei+skripal&disinfo_issue=&date=

The headline is based on the personal opinion of a single German politician..

US Democrats want to turn Facebook into a tool of manipulating the voters

US Democrats want to turn Facebook into a tool of manipulating the voters and to a source of legalised leak of personal information of the users.


According to Raffi Krikorian, the Democratic National Committee's chief technology officer and a former Uber executive, the proposal would allow Democrats and Republicans alike to combat misinformation by serving those people accurate information:

"Krikorian wants Facebook to go even further and identify audiences that have seen the content so the DNC -- or the Republican National Committee, for that matter -- can serve those people correct information. Krikorian said he's not calling on Facebook to identify individual users, only the audiences that have seen the misinformation. For example, if Ohio college students receive bogus details on their polling location, the DNC wants to know that so it can deliver accurate information to that same audience." money.cnn.com/2018/08/08/technology/dnc-facebook-disinformation/index.html,