Disinfo: France is under the dictatorship of “single thought”, dissenters are censored and slurred


In the dictatorship of “single thought”, technocrats, activists and many journalists have replaced the real politicians and the real philosophers. What the people should think is pre-decided and all those who do not agree – from Onfray to Zemour from Debray to Finkielkraut – are conspirators and must be censored and fought by all means, including violence.

The ruling elite “right-thinking” is using criminals like Adama Traoré or George Floyd to ease their conscience but all honest and hard-working disadvantaged people are forgotten. Respectful citizens are oppressed while offenders are depicted as heroes.


The single thought or pensée unique is a concept forged in the 1990s to create an impression of a biased public discourse that would not allow any criticism. Free competition, free trade, liberalism, globalism, private property, strong currencies... would be the new dogma of our ideology imposed by invisible and powerful opinion police. Authors like Sophie Gherardi or Jean Pierre Garnier explain that if there was such a thing as the dictatorship of the single thought the bookshops and news-stands wouldn't be full with such a diversity of publications against this so-called dictatorship of the thought.

Polemists as Onfray, Zemour, Debray and Finkielkraut are not censored, they are even more present in traditional media than others, they publish and appear regularly in the media. Some even had their own regular programmes on the public service media. The term censorship cannot be used since their speech, articles and books are everywhere. The use of concepts like censorship and single thought or mainstream media controlled by the elite is a way of dismissing any criticism and ask for even more media coverage.

France is not a dictatorship and doesn't allow censorship. France takes 34th place in the 2020 World Press Freedom Index, out of 180 countries.


  • Reported in: Issue 205
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 04/07/2020
  • Language/target audience: French
  • Country: EU, France
  • Keywords: Democracy, Censorship, Dictatorship, Secret elites / global elites


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Sputnik and RT situation in France is extremely difficult and French authorities called to boycott those media

Unfortunately, not all OSCE states adhere to good practice. For example, in France, the position of “Russia Today” and “Sputnik” remains extremely difficult. Journalists still denied access to the Elysee Palace and other government agencies. In addition, French officials continue to escalate hostility around these media outlets, often urging the public to boycott them. At the same time, French officialdom appeals exclusively to rumours, which,  have not found a single confirmation for the entire existence of these resources.


Recurrent disinformation about discrimination of RT and Russian media in the West with a special focus on French president.

RT is free to broadcast in French despite its and Sputnik's role in disinformation and mocking campaign during the French presidential elections 2017.

Biased JIT excluded Russia from MH17 investigation and refused its assistance

The JIT excluded Russia from the MH17 investigation but included Ukraine, despite the country’s involvement in the armed conflict and its possible role in the downing of MH17. Moscow has made numerous offers to assist in the investigation but has been rebuffed.


Recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative on the downing of flight MH17 over Ukraine, aiming to discredit the criminal trial and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

A "possible role in the downing of MH17" is a purely hypothetical (and thus invalid) factor in granting or denying a particular government access to the probe. The actual reason for Russia's non-involvement in the investigation is that the crash did not take place over Russian territory and claimed no Russian lives. Dutch Chief Prosecutor Fred Westerbeke told a Russian newspaper that "if MH17 were shot down over Russia, I would have suggested that Russia be made a member of the JIT group."

Russia’s constitutional vote marked by extremely low number of violations

The Central Election Commission has noted an extremely low number of violations in the course of the 25 June-1 July referendum, in which 77.92% voters expressed their support for a number of proposed amendments to the Russian Constitution.

A European Parliament member who observed the process stated that the all-Russian vote complied with all democratic and sanitary standards.


There is considerable evidence suggesting that the degree of manipulation at the "all-Russian vote" was, in fact, extremely high.

According to GOLOS, Russia's sole independent election monitor, the scale of manipulation before and during the poll was "unprecedented," and the dishonest manner in which it was organized meant that "the actual vote was not of decisive significance." GOLOS co-chairman Roman Udot said that the extent of the fraud sets "the national record since the fall of the Soviet Union."