Disinfo: George Soros infiltrated and controls the ECHR


George Soros through his philanthropic organisation “the Open Society Foundation (OSF)” controls many Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and the people who work for them. Many judges of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), since they had ties at some point with one of the NGOs financed by the OSF, are controlled by George Soros and support a perverted interpretation of Human Rights to destabilise European values. 


The recurrent narrative about the influence of Georges Soros through his financing of NGOs supporting Human Rights (see our article the All-Powerful Mr Soros).

The fact that some lawyers worked at some point in their career for an NGO that received funds from the Open Society Foundation before becoming a judge for the ECHR is not sufficient to declare a potential conflict of interest. The recruitment process for judges to the ECHR is as follows; each member state of the Council of Europe proposes three candidates, from whom one is elected for a 9 years non-renewable mandate. This ensures the diversity of the court.

Georges Soros is regularly accused by Russian backed media of controlling institutions, governments, the Ukrainian President, the Pope, European Commission and European central bank, or on the contrary, aiming to destabilise the European Union or wanting some governments to collapse.


  • Reported in: Issue185
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 22/02/2020
  • Language/target audience: English, French
  • Country: France
  • Keywords: ECHR, NGO, European values, Sovereignty, George Soros


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The West wants to rewrite the history of WWII

[…] when the USSR was gone, someone (the West) suddenly thought that the time had come to rewrite the history of WWII and withdraw the Soviet Union from the ranks of the winners.



Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the West rewriting history.

Examples of similar disinformation narratives include Poland lies about WW2 to weaken Russia's position or Revision of the WW2 history is the state position of Warsaw.

Open Society Foundation is a sect

The best understanding of Soros’s global scheme, hidden under the name of the Open Society Foundation, is that it resembles a sect. It is a deeply anti-religious network. As a result, one of its undeclared purposes is the destruction of faith in God and man’s connection with the sacred.


This is a conspiracy theory, consistent with recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative portraying George Soros and his foundation as destroying traditional values. 

The Open Society Foundation supports independent groups working for justice, democratic governance, and human rights worldwide.

Poland’s cooperation with the West is limited to taking out the American “chamber pot”

The role of Poland in its cooperation with Western countries is limited to the implementation of various doubtful and low-level tasks. Poland takes out the American “chamber pot” saying that it has established close relations with the USA. The diplomatic pseudo-activity of Poland does not have any significance as it does not have any international importance.


A common pro-Kremlin narrative on “lost sovereignty”. In the case of Poland, this country is presented as a “puppet-state” of the United States, with the latter fully controlling its domestic and foreign policy. Poland is also often presented as an insignificant “colony” of the USA, Germany or Brussels, which use this country to pursue their own goals.

The statement that Poland is exploited by the United States or other Western states is a conspiracy theory. Poland is a sovereign state, which shapes its own foreign and domestic policies.