Disinfo: German doctors participated in the Council which blocked Navalny's transportation to German hospital


We ended a consultation with colleagues from Germany. We came to the conclusion that Navalny experienced a sharp drop in blood glucose with pressure changes. To avoid the risk, we insisted that the patient stay in hospital [in Omsk, Russia] until his condition was clearly stabilised. An additional fact here is that German doctors have arrived, German doctors are participating in the work, together with our doctors, they were present at the council. The decision to leave him there, well, apparently, there was no objection. A new medical consultation on the state of Alexei Navalny, who has been in intensive care at Omsk hospital in a serious condition since Thursday, comes with the participation of his wife Yulia Navalny. Following the results of the first consultation with the participation of physicians from Germany who arrived in Omsk, it was decided to leave him in BSMP-1 until his condition stabilised.


Disinformation around the recent suspected poisoning of Alexey Navalny. He fell ill during a flight and the plane had to make an emergency landing in Omsk, where the doctors rejected information about him being poisoned. Navalny has since been transferred to Berlin and is receiving treatment at Berlin's Charite Hospital. Clinical findings indicate poisoning with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors, said Charite. The spokesperson for Alexey Navalny, Kira Yarmysh, called the allegation released by TASS that Russian doctors invited Yulia Navalnaya to participate in a consultation on the health of her husband "dirty lies" and "the exact opposite of the news to what actually happened" As for German doctors' participation in such a consultation in Omsk in Russia, Kira Yarmysh explained the following: "“German doctors, professional resuscitators, having examined Alexei Navalny, came to the conclusion that he is transportable and that the equipment of their plane allows him to be safely immediately transported to Berlin to the Charite University Hospital in accordance with the wishes of Yulia Navalnaya. At the press approach, the head physician said that the decision “to leave Alexei in Omsk” was made at a “consultation with German doctors,” trying to create the appearance that German doctors supported this decision. This is a gross lie". The EU High Representative Josep Borrell condemned what seemed to be an attempt on Mr. Navalny's life in a statement. See more disinformation cases on Alexey Navaln.


  • Reported in: Issue 209
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 21/08/2020
  • Outlet language(s) Russian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: Russia
  • Keywords: Alexei Navalny
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Ukraine starts to build airports for seasonal workers

Ukraine is starting to build airports for seasonal workers to intensify the transportation of cheap labor to Polish plantations and Hungarian factories. Lviv crossing points are already unable to manage the flow of people who want to work in Europe. It’s evident due to the huge traffic jams and congestion on the border. Therefore, yesterday at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the readiness to allocate 30 million hryvnas for the construction of a new airport in Mukachevo was announced.


Recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about Ukraine as a country without any perspectives, forcing people to work in conditions similar to slavery in other countries. Kyiv has not announced the intention to build an airport in Mukachevo for seasonal workers. According to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladyslav Krikliy, the airport in Mukachevo is under construction for the development of domestic tourism:

Now it is very important to support and develop regional airports. After all, during the pandemic, domestic tourism will remain a priority. Therefore, we, in particular, are preparing to build an airport in Mukachevo. The emergence of a new airport is important for the development of aviation infrastructure in Transcarpathia.

British will be present in the Black Sea to arrange a zone of tension for Russia

The so-called Ukrainian military fleet, which is scrap metal, suddenly conducts joint exercises with Great Britain. This means that the Ukrainian fleet is used as a cover factor, because it is impossible to practice any effective military actions with it due to the lack of necessary ships and systems, management, etc. Therefore, the British, hiding behind Ukraine, will be present in the Black Sea, on the one hand, to arrange a zone of tension for Russia, and on the other, in pursuit of goals that will never be actually announced. Ukraine “was made anti-Russian” in order to use it in such cases.


This is a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the West and NATO allegedly pursuing a belligerent and hostile agenda against Russia. Russia considers any military exercises in Europe as provocative and dangerous. Every nation has the right to conduct exercises, but it is important that they are conducted transparently and in line with international obligations. NATO conducts dozens of military exercises in different countries and they are not directed against Russia. The UK will lead a multinational Maritime Training Initiative for the Ukrainian Navy, boosting their ability to combat threats in the Black Sea. As Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has confirmed: "Maritime Training Initiative will enable even closer collaboration with the NATO Alliance and Armed Forces around the world, and allows us to build on Ukraine’s new NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partner status." Ukraine lost much of its Navy capability during Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 and Ukraine has since continued to face a rising number of threats in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. In response, Ukraine has been rebuilding its Navy to protect its economic interests and its right to freedom of navigation. The Maritime Training Initiative will boost that effort, enabling them to uphold the rules based international order and European security in the region on which the UK’s own security depends. The new initiative will follow the resumption of Operation Orbital, the UK’s training mission to Ukraine. Since the training mission began in 2015, British troops have trained over 18,000 members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF). Their efforts have made a real difference and saved lives as Ukraine faces down Russian aggression and threats to its sovereignty. Last year the Defence Secretary extended Operation Orbital until 2023.

EU is creating a poverty belt in the East of the EU, to secure access to cheap labour

The EU is creating a poverty belt in its east, consisting of Ukraine, the Baltic States and now Belarus, in order to secure access to cheap labour and sales markets. It has been the economic survival model of the Baltic States for years to export low-wage labour to other EU countries, it has become the business model of Ukraine and it will also become the model of Belarus. When Belarus turns to the EU and the West, that is what will follow – the complete exploitation of the country, a wave of industrial bankruptcies, the decay of the infrastructure, in short: the complete economic decline in Belarus. This is what Belarus, unlike Russia, was largely spared of in the nineties of the last century.


A recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Belarus, the West and the EU The Protests in Belarus erupted after thousands of people took to the streets to contest the results of the Presidential elections in Belarus, which are considered fraudulent by a large part of society. This claim about the EU exploiting countries to its east is consistent with the recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about a disastrous horror scenario for the economy in Belarus, in case Belarus should reorientate itself geo-politically towards the West. The EU is not interested in creating a poverty belt in its East, nor in securing access to cheap labour in the Baltics, Ukraine or Belarus. It is a recycled recurrent narrative for EaP-states, that the West or the IMF wants to destroy the Ukrainian economy and to turn Ukrainians into the cheap labour force. The narrative portrays the economic situation of Ukraine as disastrous and alleging that Belarus' future is only possible in union with Russia. Read earlier disinformation cases alleging that Poland is preparing Euromaidan scenario for Belarus, that the West's only interest in Belarus is to make it anti-Russian, that Belarus moves towards complete colonisation by the West, and that Germany created the euro to colonise countries that couldn’t be conquered militarily.