Disinfo: Highway renovation is part of preparation for war


  • Reported in: Issue 112
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 13/06/2018
  • Language/target audience: Czech
  • Country: Czech Republic, Russia
  • Keywords: European Union, War preparation, NATO
  • Outlet: www.novarepublika.cz
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Russian soldiers are not present in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government has produced no evidence of the presence of Russian army forces in Eastern Ukraine.


The boat “Aquarius” was involved in human smuggling

The boat “Aquarius” is run by smugglers. The United Nations and the European Commission have a clear interest in keeping on bringing African migrants to Europe.



The Aquarius is a ship operated by SOS Mediteranée in cooperation with Médicins Sans Frontières. No evidence given for the claims of an EU/UN plot.

US led coalition in Syria aim to keep the country instable

The main objective of the US led coalition in Syria is to not allow the situation in Syria to stabilize.


In fact, mission of the Combined Joint Task Force is to militarily defeat DA’ESH in the Combined Joint Operations Area by, with, and through regional partners in order to enable whole-of-governmental actions to increase regional stability – by conducting a campaign against Da’esh in Iraq and Syria in four phases www.inherentresolve.mil/campaign/,