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Hillary Clinton dedicated her thesis to Lucifer

Summary of Disinformation

By the way, when an odious woman, Hillary Clinton, running for the U.S. presidency, was graduating from the university, she dedicated her thesis to Lucifer as “one of the first fighters for democracy and freedom.


The disinformation message originates in a Russian language website, translated into Georgian. The claim that Hillary Clinton’s thesis was about Lucifer is manipulative: one of Clinton’s papers involved criticism of the community organization model by Saul Alinsky. The book by Alinsky that Clinton referred to, was about radicalism and discussion or acknowledgement of Lucifer was not its main concept. Further debunking by Myth Detector.

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Reported in: Issue 126
Date: 14.11.2018
Language: Georgian
Country: Russia, US
Keywords: Satanism, Hillary Clinton, Elections
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Geworld (Georgia and World)
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