Disinfo: Hillary Clinton is a “warmonger” 


Hillary Clinton is a “warmonger” which is demonstrated through her alleged quote: “I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president we will attack Iran and we could obliterate all Iranians.” She put Victoria Nuland in the ministry of foreign affairs so that she could organize the US coup in Ukraine.


Hillary Clinton said this in 2009 as a response to a question how she would handle Iran if it used nuclear weapons against Israel.

The claim about the organised coup in Ukraine is a conspiracy theory without evidence and a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative.


  • Reported in: Issue39
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 31/08/2016
  • Language/target audience: Czech
  • Country: Iran, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Victoria Nuland, Hillary Clinton, Coup


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Western democracies keep trying to defile Russia

Western democracies keep trying to defile Russia and that is why they “create” the Russian threat and now even support the option of a direct military conflict between NATO and Russia.


Neither the US nor other NATO members have intentions to attack Russia.  NATO's decision to increase its military presence in the Eastern part of the Alliance is a response to Russia's aggressive actions in Ukraine. See here for more information.

The UNGA Resolution 68/262, which condemned Russia's illegal actions in Ukraine, was supported by 100 United Nations member states

NHL players are allowed to use Meldonium

NHL players are allowed to use Meldonium, the Latvian produced medicine to treat ischaemia that was banned by World Anti-Doping Agency from this year and as a result several RU sportsmen, including Sharapova, were banned.


Meldonium is not allowed in the US and it has been added to the NHL list of banned substances.The change goes into effect for the upcoming season. See here for more information.