Disinfo: Hong Kong is destroyed with the technology of colour revolutions


It is clear that Hong Kong is destroyed in order to poison China. It is destroyed with the technology of colour revolutions. But China managed to work out the antidote. After all, everyone understands how colour revolutions work.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that Hong Kong protests are supported and funded by US and/or by other Western states.  

The  pro-Kremlin media frequently use disinformation narratives about popular protests allegedly incited and funded by the US around the world, including colour revolutions in post-Soviet states, the “Arab Spring” uprisings, Euromaidan in Ukraine, protests in Catalonia and others.

There is no evidence that protests in Hong Kong are funded and organised by the US or any other Western governments.

The protests in Hong Kong started in June 2019 when hundreds of thousands of people protested against a legislative proposal that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China. Protesters  demanded electoral reforms and an independent investigation into police violence.

A few weeks ago China's parliament approved controversial Hong Kong national security law that threatens to limit freedoms in the semi-autonomous state. The move will bypass Hong Kong's internal legislature to punish acts that subvert state power.

For further background see here.

See earlier disinformation cases claiming that the Hong Kong protests are the West’s revenge on China for not waging war against Russia, that the U.S. uses all colour revolution technologies in Hong Kong to destabilise China, and that Britain and US are organising the protests in Hong Kong.


  • Reported in: Issue 202
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 11/06/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: China
  • Keywords: Protest, Colour revolutions


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Italy has not received aid from its European allies

Amidst the battle to fight coronavirus, we discovered that there is no European unity and that it was everybody for themselves. Italy, which has become the epicenter of the emerging coronavirus, has received aid from Russia, China and Cuba, but not from its NATO and European allies.


The COVID-19 outbreak constituted a serious challenge to Europe's readiness for a crisis. But the claim that "Italy has not received aid from its European allies" is false.

The European Commission has approved a €50 million Italian aid scheme to support the production and supply of medical devices, as well as to help Italy provide the necessary medical treatment to those infected.

Ex-chairman of the Ukraine parliament boasted about participating in «the burning of people» in Odesa

(Andriy) Parubiy openly boasts about participating in “the burning of people” on 2 May (2014) in Odesa. The ex-chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, now a deputy from European Solidarity, nationalist Andriy Parubiy admitted that he participated in the suppression of pro-Russian forces in every city in the South-East in 2014, including the events in Odesa on 2 May.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about clashes in Odesa on 2 May 2014 and the resulting fire in the Trade Unions House.

The ex-chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy did not say that he was involved in the arson of the Trade Unions' building in Odesa in 2014. During an interview for the "UA:Pershyi" TV channel, Parubiy said that he was in Odesa and opposed anti-Ukrainian unrest. "I am very proud of helping «the Russian 'Witches' Sabbath'» not to come to Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Kherson either. I can imagine how many deaths would have happened today if they succeeded to implement the plan of the so-called "Russian spring", he declared.

CIA has launched a campaign in Ukraine to organise a new coup d’etat

Ukrainian protests in support of the killer and radical Serhiy Sternenko, could very soon develop into a new revolution.  According to media reports the CIA has launched a powerful campaign in Ukraine. The main goal is a new coup d’etat and the removal of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives painting the Euromaidan as a coup d'etat and undermining the sovereignty of Ukraine.

The case of the activist Serhiy Sternenko, who fatally wounded one of his attackers several years ago and is now suspected of premeditated murder, caused a wide public response. There are protests in different Ukrainian cities, with various organisations, activists and citizens taking part in support of Sternenko. There is no evidence to suggest, however, that the CIA is involved.