Disinfo: We cannot rule out that the coronavirus will cause humanity to perish


The coronavirus epidemic has brought about the end of the global capitalist system and of the modern world. Does this mean that humanity will perish?  We do not know, but we cannot rule this out


Emerging apocalyptic pro-Kremlin narrative claiming that  the coronavirus pandemic will soon lead to the collapse of globalisation, the fall of modern civilisation and could even bring about the end of humanity. The narrative of “imminent collapse” is one of the core instruments of pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets, used to spread demoralisation and self-doubt among target audiences, as well as to sow discord, panic and diminish trust in national authorities, the EU and international institutions.

The article provides no evidence to support its sweeping, apocalyptic claims. The Covid-19 pandemic - which  is closing borders, severely restricting travel  and disrupting supply chains - is expected to provoke a global recession, but it does not mean the catastrophic collapse of the global economic system.   Moreover, the article’s claim that the end of humanity is a possible outcome of the pandemic does not reflect reality.  The international scientific and medical community is working together like never before to understand the virus and produce a vaccine. There is coordinated, cross-border international effort to monitor and treat the disease, and to speedily develop and disseminate a vaccine across national borders to end the pandemic.

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  • Reported in: Issue 192
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 05/04/2020
  • Language/target audience: Italian
  • Country: EU, US
  • Keywords: coronavirus, Secret elites / global elites, The West


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Authoritarian regimes are best at handling disasters

What happens in the United States (the spread of the Coronavirus) confirms that capitalism is a catastrophe, and neoliberalism remains a very big predicament because it only cares for big investors and neglects people.

Democracy cannot be present amid the spread of such an epidemic (Coronavirus). Democracy is a disaster. There must be a dictatorship and I call for more oppression.


The claim about the superiority of political authoritarianism and isolationist “closed societies” in preventing and controlling epidemics does not reflect reality. Authoritarian regimes, which tend to control and manipulate information and to limit the freedom of doctors and scientists to engage in international cooperation, are often an obstacle to the timely detection and containment of epidemic outbreaks.

A clear example is China’s deliberate cover-up of the early days of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. The regime suppressed information about the virus and allowed it to spread unchecked in the crucial early days and weeks. The Chinese authorities censored and detained those doctors and whistleblowers who attempted to sound the alarm and warn their fellow citizens when they understood the gravity of the coronavirus threat.

The coronavirus destroyed the myth of the NATO’s super army, NATO is fleeing Europe

The coronavirus pandemic destroyed the universal myth of the Alliance’s super army. Because of the aggressive propaganda about the combat readiness of NATO units, the whole world was accustomed to the fact that it was a “super army”.  And here comes the coronavirus. The Americans should not think about missiles, but about toilet paper, and running away from the Baltic. NATO is fleeing Europe today, rescuing itself. Here is the true face of NATO. In reality, the Russian army, […]cynically humiliated by all, today helps many countries that are part of the NATO bloc.



Pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the coronavirus, an attempt to discredit NATO.

NATO does not flee from anywhere including the Baltic States. Despite the pandemic, NATO maintains operational readiness, including through its air policing mission and the multinational battlegroups in the Baltic region. The battlegroup in Lithuania is stationed in Rukla and is one of NATO´s four multinational battlegroups in the Baltic countries and Poland.

The EU left Italy face to face with an invisible and terrible enemy

Fifteen thousands Italian victims of COVID-19 is a factor that European officials must reckon with. Yes, and to repent for the fact that, in the midst of a virus attack, they left their ally face to face with an invisible and even more terrible enemy.

Many European capitals are not at all eager to truly help the decimated Italian economy. Here, even the apologies of Ursula von der Leyen won’t help. EU flags are migrating from the offices of Italian deputies into closets.


Speculative claim about "abandoned Italy" and that the EU left Italy alone to fight coronavirus. This claim exploits the coronavirus pandemic to push a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the West's crumbling solidarity. While Russia has sent a military team to Italy, there are numerous examples of solidarity in the Western world, including among the EU and individual Member States as follows.

The European Commission has approved a €50 million Italian aid scheme to support the production and supply of medical devices, as well as to help Italy provide the necessary medical treatment to those infected. On March 18th, the European Union also received a Chinese aid package, including masks and 50,000 testing kits that were fully allocated to Italy, as Rome faced the most urgent needs among member states in the coronavirus crisis. On March 13th, the European Union proposed a Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative, envisaging EUR 835 million for Italy. On March 26th, the European Parliament unanimously approved the initiative.

Furthermore, the European Central Bank announced a 750 billion euro ($820 billion) asset purchase programme in an effort to help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, as the death toll in Europe continues to rise. As part of the programme, investors will purchase Italian securities to help the country counter the serious risks of the coronavirus. Since the hospitals are overcrowded in Italy, Germany has started to accept coronavirus patients from this harder-hit country.The report on the comprehensive economic policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here. Read more about the EU's response here and here. 

The claim about EU flags is often being used in Russian Media. For a more detailed report see the BBC's Russian service, where it is explained that one Italian MP removed the EU flag from his office.