Disinfo: Hunter Biden wasted the Ukrainian money on alcohol, drugs and corruption


While serving on the board of the Ukrainian company Burisma, Hunter Biden engaged in criminal activities and used criminal proceeds to fund his drug and alcohol addiction, as admitted by himself in his recently released book. Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine was political as evidenced by his setting up of a meeting between his father, then Vide-President Joe Biden, and an advisor representing Burisma. Additionally, child pornography was found on Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020. If he is innocent, then why is Hunter Biden no longer working for Burisma?


Recurring disinformation narratives that vilify the Biden family, including the conspiracy theory that Hunter Biden’s laptop was found to contain child pornography.

No criminal charges against Burisma have been proven and the article does not present any evidence to support the claim that Hunter Biden was engaged in criminal activities while working for the company. In 2020, а former Ukrainian prosecutor stated that there was no reason to investigate Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine. The notion that the Biden family engaged in corrupt practices in Ukraine has been debunked as a false narrative on FactCheck.org.

The allegation that Hunter Biden arranged a meeting between his father and a Burisma representative stems from a New York Post article from October 2020, which published unverified emails allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden. However, neither the authenticity of the emails nor the claim that such a meeting took place have been proven. Shortly after the article was published, a group of over 50 former senior U.S. intelligence officials authored a public statement according to which the leaked emails were likely part of a Russian disinformation campaign. A report investigating Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine was released by Senate Republicans in 2020 but found no evidence that his work was connected to U.S. foreign policy.

The conspiracy theory that Hunter Biden’s laptop was found to contain child pornography originated on 4chan, an online forum known for proliferating disinformation narratives and conspiracy theories. There is no evidence to support the claim that a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden was found to contain child pornography.

Similar cases in the database claim that Joe Biden and his son were personally profiteering in Ukraine, that the Biden family is personally interested in the conflict in Donbas, and that Ukraine’s chief prosecutor suspected Joe Biden’s involvement in 15 criminal cases in Ukraine.


  • Reported in: Issue 240
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 07/04/2021
  • Article language(s) Bulgarian
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: US, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Corruption, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden
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Disinfo: The UN opposes sanctions, which are illegal and aren’t part of international law

The policy of sanctions is now an everyday occurrence, despite the stance of the UN against this kind of tools, which are illegal. They are against the international law, but Washington, Brussels, London and others don’t seem to care.


The claim is false.

Chapter VII of the UN Charter establishes the legal basis for the imposition of coercive measures through the United Nations, including sanctions.

Disinfo: In 2020 Italy called for help with the pandemic and only non EU countries helped

In March 2020, Italy, the first European country to be affected, called for help in the face of the pandemic.

There was no answer and finally it was non-EU member countries which brought them help. This is the sign of a lack of solidarity between the states of the EU. Fortunately Ursula von der Leyen ended up apologising on behalf of the Union. During the first months of the pandemic it was a bit of every man for himself.


Recurrent disinformation narrative about the lack of solidarity from the EU and its members to Italy at the beginning of the pandemic contrasting with alleged help from non-EU members.

The narrative has been repeatedly debunked. The European Commission took multiple initiatives to help Italy and other member states deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, including support to the economy.

Disinfo: A 4-year-old child died in Donbas after Ukrainian army drone attack

According to reports, a child was killed after a Ukrainian army drone attacked a civilian settlement.


Reports by pro-Kremlin media about a boy allegedly killed by a drone attack by the Ukrainian army on April 3, 2021 cannot be considered true. Rather, the cause of death appears to be an accident with explosives/old ammunition and not by a drone attack.

RT German and other pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets spread information that a child allegedly died as a result of a Ukrainian drone attack in the NGCA [Non-Government-controlled-area] of Donbas. These reports refer to the “people’s police” of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”, which made a similar statement on April 3, 2021.