Disinfo: If Democrats succeed in stealing the US presidential elections they will use COVID to establish a totalitarian dictatorship in the US


If the Democrats succeed in stealing the US presidential elections, they will use COVID-19 to attack civil liberties and establish a totalitarian dictatorship in the US. The film “V for Vendetta” predicted the creation of a pandemic to establish a dictatorship. Many governments have used COVID-19 as a pretext to conduct the greatest human experiment in history using terrorism and propaganda. Governments, not the virus, have transformed human beings into sheep and cattle: billions of people have been forced into house arrest or confinement.

Totalitarian laws have been adopted around the world. During the COVID-19 crisis, the media and public health officials appear to have applied covert psychological manipulation techniques, used in the military, in order to condition the masses to accept totalitarianism as a solution. The masses have been terrorised, repressed, isolated, subdued, impoverished, and demoralised. COVID may be used to reshape and re-socialise the masses to prepare them for enormous changes, such as the establishment of a transnational digital dictatorship.


Conspiracy theory. No evidence is provided to support the author’s claims.

In line with the recurrent pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that Western governments have exploited the coronavirus pandemic in order to abolish liberal democracies and establish dictatorships. The article adds two new twists to the narrative by suggesting that these “COVID dictatorships” are totalitarian regimes that conduct mass terror and repression against the population, and that the US Democrats are preparing to install such a totalitarian regime in the US.

Moreover, the article’s allegation that Democrats are attempting to steal the 2020 US presidential elections is consistent with an ongoing pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign on the US election.

It is not true that COVID-19 restrictions, introduced by many Western governments to fight the coronavirus pandemic, have provoked the collapse of liberal democracy and the establishment of dictatorships. Such emergency provisions, such as the curtailment of freedom of movement, are tools that democratic governments need to use, for a limited period of time, in order to rapidly and effectively protect the public health of citizens.

Furthermore, there is no evidence to support the article’s claim that the Democrats committed massive fraud during the elections. So far no evidence of massive fraud have been presented except rumours. Several reliable sources debunked the massive fraud claims: the BBC, The Guardian, the New York Times, Forbes, Le Monde.

In addition, in its interim assessment on the conduct of the election, the OSCE finds that the contest was "competitive and well managed" (p. 1), noting that "evidence-deficient claims about election fraud" (ibid.) have been refuted by "election officials at all levels" (p. 3) and "national security agencies" (p. 11).

Read a previous case claiming that several Western governments have deliberately used the COVID-19 pandemic to establish sanitary dictatorship and subjugate the population by spreading fear and terror.


  • Reported in: Issue 220
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 15/11/2020
  • Outlet language(s) Italian
  • Country: US
  • Keywords: US Presidential Election 2020, coronavirus, Democratic Party (US), Dictatorship, Conspiracy theory
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Crimea democratically voted for reunification with Russia

Crimea became a Russian region after a referendum was held there in March 2014. 96.77 per cent of Crimean voters and 95.6 per cent of Sevastopol residents were in favour of joining Russia. Ukraine still considers Crimea to be its own, temporarily occupied territory. The Russian leadership has repeatedly stated that the inhabitants of Crimea democratically, in full compliance with international law and the UN Charter, voted for reunification with Russia, the Crimea issue is “finally closed.”


A recurrent pro-Kremlin narrative about the illegal annexation of Crimea.

The so-called referendum was organised under Russian illegal occupation without complying with neither the Ukrainian electoral code nor the Russian electoral code. The annexation has been condemned by the UN GA (see the resolution A/RES/68/262 on the territorial integrity of Ukraine). No international body recognises the so-called referendum, announced on 27 February 2014 and held on 16 March 2014. A year after the illegal annexation, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that the plan to annex Crimea was ordered weeks before the so-called referendum.

US army seized a server in Germany, operated by Scytl, through which the elections were rigged

The Trump administration has already discovered that the server of the US electronic voting systems was located in Frankfurt, Germany. The US military has launched a special operation in Germany and seized a server through which the elections were rigged. A Spanish company, Scytl, which was serving the mentioned Dominion in Frankfurt, was funded by George Soros and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital with $40 million. One of the main shareholders of the company is Bill Gates. It was also revealed that the aforementioned company had a direct connection to the election headquarters of Joe Biden and the US Democratic Party.


The story is part of an emerging pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative seeking to delegitimise the conduct and results of the 2020 US presidential election.

The false claims followed a Zoom call last week that featured Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, suggesting that “US Army forces” had seized servers from the Frankfurt office of the software company Scytl. In his recorded remarks, Gohmert said he had heard from “former intel people” that Scytl maintained data that could be “gleaned” to prove Republican votes had been changed to Democratic ones in the Nov. 3 election.

Europe is falling apart and only Russia can save it

Europe is falling apart and this process continues for a long time. Europe is falling apart because it has lost its spirit and people are afraid to discuss issues. Only Russia can bring the spirit back to Europe.


This is a recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about the EU's alleged imminent collapse.

There is no evidence to support the claim that the EU is falling apart. The EU's political institutions - the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Central Bank, the European External Action Service and others - are functioning. The leaders and governmental representatives of the EU member states have regular meetings to discuss different issues on a common agenda.