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In 1612 the word "Ukraine" was not heard anywhere

Summary of Disinformation

“Ukrainians in the Polish Army in 1612 allegedly seized Moscow (…) Of course it was a big government, a commonwealth, with Poles and Lithuanians, there could have been people who weren’t Poles, and those who would later call themselves Ukrainians, but in 1612 the word ‘Ukraine’ was not heard anywhere”, said Vladimir Zhirinovsky, head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.


No evidence given. Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Ukrainian statehood.

In fact, according to the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, which is produced by the Canadian Institute for Ukrainian studies in the Universities of Alberta and Toronto, "the modern name 'Ukraintsi' (Ukrainians) is derived from 'Ukraina' (Ukraine), a name first documented in the Kyiv Chronicle under the year 1187". The term "Ukrainiany" appears in the chronicle under the year 1268.

“Ukrainnyky, and even narod ukrainskyi (the Ukrainian people) were used sporadically before Ukraintsi attained currency under the influence of the writings of Ukrainian activists in Russian-ruled Ukraine in the 19th century,” mentions the encyclopedia.

Further debunking by Polygraph.

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Reported in: Issue 125
Date: 08.11.2018
Language: Russian
Country: Russia, Ukraine
Keywords: Ukrainian statehood
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: "Evening with Vladimir Solovyov" on Rossiya 1 TV channel, timing @ 06:05
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