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In Russia, Ukrainian journalists are free to go anywhere and ask any question

Summary of Disinformation

In Russia, Ukrainian journalists are free to go anywhere and ask whatever questions they want. No one threatens them.


There are many examples of Ukrainian journalists being banned from entering Russia. There are recorded cases of banning journalists from Crimea, too. For example, in 2018 Russia's FSB banned the journalist Alyona Savchuk (who reported on the ever-mounting number of political prisoners in Crimea) from entering Crimea for 10 years, claiming that she posed a threat to Russia’s defence capability, security or public order.

There are also cases of journalists imprisoned in Russia; for example,  Roman Sushchenko was illegally arrested in Russia on charges of espionage in 2016 and has since been detained there.

According to the Freedom in the World 2018 index, Russia is regarded as not free.

Disinforming outlets have a track record of claiming freedom in Crimea (which is a part of Ukraine illegally annexed by Russia).


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Reported in: Issue 134
Date: 29.01.2019
Language: Russian
Country: Russia, Ukraine
Keywords: Ukraine, Media
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: 60 Minut @ Rossiya 1 (23:50)
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