DISINFO: In Stalingrad collective West attacked Russia, all Europe was with nazis
  • Outlet: Rossiya 1 (archived)*
  • Date of publication: February 07, 2023
  • Article language(s): Russian
  • Reported in: Issue 328
  • Countries / regions discussed: Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Europe
Invasion of Ukraine Nazi/Fascist

DISINFO: In Stalingrad collective West attacked Russia, all Europe was with nazis


The ideology of Nazism, already in its modern guise, its modern form, again creates direct threats to the security of our country. We are again forced to repulse the aggression of the collective West. Unbelievable, but true: we are again being threatened by German Leopard tanks with crosses on board. And again they are going to fight with Russia on the land of Ukraine with the hands of the followers of Hitler - with the hands of Bandera's supporters.

Then, 80 years ago in Stalingrad, we fought off the onslaught of the collective West on our country. Many followed the Germans, approaching the Volga. All of Europe was on the side of Nazi Germany.


False interpretation of well know historical facts, mixed with the recurrent disinformation trend "always blamed the West" amid Russian unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and the followed support of Ukraine with military equipment from the EU countries.

World war II was started in Europe by nazi Germany invading Poland on 1st September of 1939. England and France then declared the war to Germany to hep Poland. USSR invaded Poland too on 17 September 1939, following German-Soviet non agression pact and secret protocols to it, which allowed USSR to invade Baltic countries, Finland and Bessarabia (then part of Romania).

In 1941 Nazi Germany "suddenly" invaded USSR. The surprise effect was possible due to the fact that Germany had a common border with USSR, since Poland was partitioned between two countries.

By 1942, when the battle of Stalingrad started (it lasted until 1943), the anti Hitler coalition totalled 26 States: Great Britain, USA, China, the British Dominions (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa) and the dependent state of India, the countries of Central and Latin America, the Caribbean, as well as the governments in exile of the occupied European countries, including France, and USSR.

During the war, the US Lend-Lease programme assisted USSR with massive amount of critical war fighting material and supplies without which the USSR would not have been able to sustain its war efforts - a fact recognised by Stalin, Khrushchev and Marshal Zhukov and repeated after the war.

War on Germany and its allies at the final stage of the confrontation was also declared by Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Finland, which were previously part of the pro-Germany axis (Romania and Finland suffering annexation of its territories by USSR).

Interestingly enough, ethnic Ukrainian but Polish citizen by 1939 (annexation of Western Ukraine - then part of Poland by USSR) was put by nazis in Sachsenhousen in 1942 - 1944.

Bandera was assasinated by Soviet KGB. The pro-Kremlin media often confuse Ukrainian culture, language and symblos, as "ukro nazis" symbols.


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