Disinfo: In the West control over people’s minds and beliefs is far greater than anything Mao Zedong could have dreamed of


The classical liberalism of the US’s founding fathers has been replaced by a new progressivist pseudo-religion: a combination of radical corporate cultural Marxism and hedonistic consumerism. This pseudo-religion completely dominates academia and all aspects of public life in the West. In Western societies control over people’s minds and beliefs is far greater than anything Mao Zedong could have dreamed of.


The BBC is probably the most sophisticated and insidious propaganda machine the world has ever known. The BBC’s real goal is to impose the hegemony of Gramsci’s cultural Marxism on all aspects of life.


No evidence is provided to support the claims. The message in this video is consistent with a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative that seeks to discredit liberal democracies by claiming that liberal societies are totalitarian systems ruled by “globalist elites” and “shadow governments”. This narrative portrays the liberal societies of the West as ideological dictatorships that have imposed a dominant “liberal globalist “or “progressivist” ideology and world-view and claims that “the elites” in Western societies exercise an almost total control over people’s minds and beliefs, censoring and suppressing any view that dissent from liberal-globalist-progressivist “single thought”.

Equating the West’s liberal democracies to a totalitarian system such as Mao Zedong’s communist regime, based on mass terror, repression of dissent and thought-control, is an obvious falsification of reality.

It is also obviously false to affirm that a “radical corporate cultural Marxist” ideology combined with hedonistic consumerism” dominates Western academia and public life.

Western liberal societies, in sharp contrast to totalitarian regimes, do not impose a dominant ideology or “single thought” on their citizens; they do not suppress nor censor alternative points of view. Liberal societies are based on pluralism, a political philosophy which recognises and affirms diversity within a political body, and which permits the peaceful coexistence of different interests, religious and secular worldviews, convictions, and lifestyles.

The article’s message is also consistent with pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives attacking and discrediting Western mainstream media, for examples see here and here. No evidence is provided to back up the claims.

The article’s attempt to equate the BBC to a totalitarian “propaganda machine” is an obvious falsification of reality. The claim that the BBC seeks to impose “cultural Marxism” on society is also clearly false.

There is no evidence supporting these claims. The BBC itself states that it is committed to achieving due impartiality in all its output and that:

“due impartiality usually involves more than a simple matter of ‘balance’ between opposing viewpoints. We must be inclusive, considering the broad perspective and ensuring that the existence of a range of views is appropriately reflected”.

Read similar cases claiming that contemporary liberalism is becoming totalitarian and views non-liberals as enemies to be killed and destroyed and that élites have set up a system of cyber-manipulation to monitor the population’s communication and prevent the awakening of mass political consciousness.


  • Reported in: Issue 223
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 01/12/2020
  • Outlet language(s) Italian, English
  • Countries and/or Regions discussed in the disinformation: US
  • Keywords: Western values, West, Dictatorship, Secret elites / global elites, Conspiracy theory
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Disinfo: A civil war began in Ukraine after the clique seized power in the country

The Maidan turned in to a civil war. The clique seized power in the capital and immediately began suppressing the citizens who opposed the overthrow of the legitimate government. The junta began to suppress the peaceful resistance of the Southern and Eastern oblasts of Ukraine. That eventually led to a civil war in Ukraine. On the one hand, there was a fascist clique with its own Bandera ideals, on the other, those who did not recognise the coup that had taken place in the country.


This is an example of recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narratives about the 2013-2014 Maidan protests and the war in Ukraine.

The war in eastern Ukraine was not caused by the Euromaidan. Protests in favour of EU association and reforms were held in all major cities of Donbas. The war is not a civil conflict but a well-documented act of aggression by Russian armed forces.

Disinfo: Germany violated the Chemical Weapons Convention

Germany violated the Chemical Weapons Convention by refusing to collaborate with Russia in the situation over the Alexei Navalny poisoning.


Pro-Kremlin disinformation claiming that Germany did not collaborate with Russia in the investigation into the poisoning of Alexei Navalny and that Germany violated the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Regarding the collaboration between Germany and Russia during the investigation, Berlin provided data on Navalny to the Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, of which Russia is a member. Berlin’s Justice Ministry also approved a request from Moscow for legal assistance in the investigation of the poisoning, and tasked state prosecutors with working with the Russian authorities.

Disinfo: By supporting protesting Belarusians Lithuania hopes to get more money from Brussels

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania presented an initiative to provide cost-free visas for Belarusians persecuted by the political regime in the home country. Lithuania is trying to show that many Belarusians do not support Alyaksandr Lukashenka as president and hope to get more money from Brussels. This initiative is bait for people who do not think about the consequences of their activities. The Lithuanian government aspires to create anti-Lukashenka and anti-Belarusian sentiment in society. The real interest of Vilnius is financial. Lithuania, as the main manipulator in the Belarusian events, seeks to get support from Brussels.


Lithuania actively intervening into events in Belarus since the beginning of protests against Alyaksandr Lukashenka. Vilnius supports the Belarusian opposition and urges to hold new elections in the neighbour country. Belarusian authorities say that Vilnius, Warsaw and other countries are interfering in the internal affairs of Belarus and are trying to control the opposition.


Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative about Western attempts to organise a colour revolution in Belarus.

The claim that Lithuania is "intervening into events in Belarus” and seeking financial interests is unfounded. Lithuania is a neighbour of Belarus and it continues to support the Belarusian people. In the context of brutal persecution of protesters in Belarus, Lithuania made some steps to support civil society in the neighbour country. Earlier Lithuania opened the special “humanitarian corridor” for Belarusians and allow them to arrive under the so-called humanitarian exception. Vilnius University offered free studies and scholarship to Belarusian students. The proposal of issuing free national visas to Belarusians who are persecuted by the regime is only one more step to support people in needs.