Disinfo: Ukrainians worked on a dirty atomic bomb


The atomic weapon is a phantom pain for Ukrainians, Ukrainian nationalists. As soon as Ukraine gave Russia its nuclear warheads, they immediately started howling, ‘How can they do without nuclear weapons?’ In fact, after all, two years ago they admitted they were working on a dirty atomic bomb.


This is a conspiracy theory. Under the Budapest memorandum in 1994, Ukraine promised to remove all Soviet-era nuclear weapons from its territory, send them to disarmament facilities in Russia, and sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Ukraine kept these promises.

In 2019, ex-Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov rejected statements by the Russian Foreign Ministry that he allegedly spoke of creating a so-called dirty bomb.

“Alexander Turchinov called the relevant statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry the painful imagination of Russian officials,” the NSDC press service claimed. The NSDC Secretary stressed that Ukraine will defend its territorial integrity, "clearly observing all international obligations assumed."


  • Reported in: Issue 202
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 29/05/2020
  • Language/target audience: Russian
  • Country: Russia, Ukraine
  • Keywords: Nuclear issues
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In Russia there is no poverty like that in the US

In Russia, there is no poverty like in the US. There are no cities in Russia where the police cannot come. None. In the US, there are a dozen cities where the police can’t go. They could only really go there virtually on armoured personnel carriers and fully armed. Indeed, poverty in America is concentrated.


The claim about "no-go-zones" in the United States; areas where the police would not go, is false.

Recurring disinformation narrative against the United States. Official data shows that it's impossible to argue that the United States is much poorer or more dangerous for its citizens than Russia.

The new coronavirus was engineered in France and then escaped from laboratories in China

The coronavirus Sars-2 was engineered by the Pasteur Institute, then transferred to China, in the city of Wuhan, in a P4 biological laboratory. Then by accident, it got out of the lab and started a pandemic.

This piece of information is hidden by main institutions and media because they don’t want to know where the virus comes from. But real people know it and spread the word.


Conspiracy theory with no evidence, the source are rumours, "people say that".

There is so far no evidence that the new coronavirus causing the Covid-19 has human sources. Information available point out to the natural origin.

The West is engaged in the degradation of the Ukrainian education system

The West is engaged in the degradation of the Ukrainian education system. This is all done in order to make Ukraine into some kind of agrarian neocolony. This is also an IMF requirement – degradation of the Ukrainian education system, because they do not need qualified personnel in the West, but they need cheap labour, obedient biomass.


No evidence provided. The common pro-Kremlin narrative about the aggressive West and Ukraine as a non-sovereign country.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal said that the new agreement with IMF does not require any conditions for structural reforms, and educational reform as well.