Disinfo: In the West, dissidents from dominant liberal ideology are subject to persecution


The dissolution of the Soviet Union and the expansion of the American thalassocratic empire was followed by globalisation and by the power élite’s imposition of a dominant liberal ideology enforced by the inquisitorial tribunal of political correctness, which puts on summary trial anyone who dissents from this dominant way of thinking.


Conspiracy theory. No evidence is provided to support the article’s claims.

A recurring pro-Kremlin narrative that seeks to discredit liberalism claiming that liberal societies are totalitarian systems ruled by “globalist elites” and “shadow governments”. This narrative portrays the liberal societies of the West as ideological dictatorships that have imposed a dominant “liberal globalist “ ideology and that “the elites” and mainstream media in these societies persecute anyone who expresses views that dissent from dominant “politically correct” liberal-globalist thinking.

Read similar cases claiming that the West’s open societies are liberal concentration camps, that any critic of the EU is considered a politically incorrect dissenter and subject to media persecution and that EU and NATO élites are incrementally building a totalitarian regime.


  • Reported in: Issue 190
  • DATE OF PUBLICATION: 29/03/2020
  • Language/target audience: Italian
  • Country: US
  • Keywords: West, USSR, Secret elites / global elites, Conspiracy theory


Cases in the EUvsDisinfo database focus on messages in the international information space that are identified as providing a partial, distorted, or false depiction of reality and spread key pro-Kremlin messages. This does not necessarily imply, however, that a given outlet is linked to the Kremlin or editorially pro-Kremlin, or that it has intentionally sought to disinform. EUvsDisinfo publications do not represent an official EU position, as the information and opinions expressed are based on media reporting and analysis of the East Stratcom Task Force.

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EU abandoned Italy, while Russia helped

While the European Union abandoned Italy, only Russia and China gave the country a helping hand.


Recurring Pro-Kremlin narrative that the EU left Italy alone to fight coronavirus.

The European Commission has approved a €50 million Italian aid scheme to support the production and supply of medical devices, as well as to help Italy provide the necessary medical treatment to those infected.

Coronavirus was sent by God to punish homosexuals and environmentalists

Covid-19 appeared because of a tilt of society to lesbianism and homosexuality and those who serve the creature rather than the Creator. The religion of environmentalism is an aberration. March is the month of repentance from LGBT, thus protecting the United States from diseases like the coronavirus.


This message is in line with a recurring pro-Kremlin narrative about the West's moral decay aimed at portraying Russia as superior to the West in terms of values and morals.

The article is also part of the disinformation campaign around the coronavirus. See our special report here.

Russian scientists created 3 drugs against coronavirus

Russian scientists created 3 drugs that could potentially be used against the coronavirus COVID-19 – Remdesivir,  hydroxychloroquine/ chloroquine, and fortepren.


None of the listed drugs was created in Russia.

Remdevisir was developed by Gilead Sciences for Ebola virus. Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are oral prescription drugs that have been used for the treatment of malaria and were added as a recommended antiviral for the treatment of COVID-19 in China. Fortepren was created back in 2016 and has been recommended for patients with chronic recurrent herpes.