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International football tournament in Sweden deems pork to be "haram"

Summary of Disinformation

The organizers of the international youth football tournament Gothia Cup, organized every year in Gothenburg, have decided from now on to be an Islam-adapted event. It is proclaimed that pork meat is now unauthorized – haram – to serve.


It is a common disinformation narrative about Sweden that the country is being "islamized".

The Gothia Cup tournament leader explains that for the last fifteen years, the tournament has served this kind of menu for practical reasons. It is an international youth tournament and the menu is adapted to suit as many as possible. The tournament has not declared pork meat to be "haram" and pork is not banned on the area, it is just not included in the menus served to the teams that participate. Further debunking by Faktiskt.se


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Reported in: Issue 111
Date: 12.06.2018
Language: English
Country: Sweden
Keywords: Islamisation, Muslim/Islam
Outlet where the disinformation appeared: Infowars
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